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In News on March 5, 2009 at 5:25 pm

Well thank you Michael Jackson your  possible or possibly not arrival in the UK for a possible date or possibly numerous dates in the O2 has given us a flurry of Michael Jackson interest resulting in BBC News appearances for Billy Proud, GMTV for Navi and BBC News Website interview for Ronnie Beharry . The guys perform as well as look like Michael and I will attach their pictures so that you can make your own judgement as to whether they have  managed to keep up with Michael over the years. If thats possible. (Navi – gold trousers, Ronnie – military jacket, Billy – beige jacket).  New Benny Hill coming in tomorrow – will report back on how he performs.


Monday 2nd March – a new week

In News on March 2, 2009 at 2:31 pm

Well its the first week of March and lets hope life in a Lookalikes Agency looks up. Having been in business since 1979 this is the quietest couple of months I can remember closely followed by the Gulf War! Last week we were grateful for a job for 2 Marilyn Monroes (Pauline and Suzie) at Confex at Earls Court. Sounds good but 2 Lookalikes of the same type do not like working together – the girls being worse than the boys. But on this occasion everybody pulled together and did their best for the sake of the job. I went along to keep the peace – which is not something I usually do but times are hard and we have to deliver the very best we can. Ian Beyts, Winston Churchill, did a day on a documentary – but that was pretty much it. We saw a new Jordan – Sarah – whom I filmed on my Flip and we have put on You Tube this morning. Hasn’t got the main attributes to be a Jordan Lookalike but a nice face. Where we are busy is dealing with the flood of new Lookalikes coming to us – always indicative of hard times – where people are searching for anything to make a few pennies. And you never know – something might come along for them.

This is who we are!

In News on February 24, 2009 at 3:35 pm

Susan Scott introduced the Lookalike phenomenon to the UK in 1979. Over 25 years later lookalikes are an established part of our 21st Century celebrity driven world.

Your Gala Dinner, Charity Ball, Game Show, Advertising Campaign, Themed Oscars Night or any Corporate Event will benefit from our artistes giving your occasion that ‘something extra.’

Book a lookalike or tribute for your next celebration. Select an artiste to enhance your birthday, wedding, anniversary or any special occasion.

In fact Susan Scott has thousands of Lookalikes on her books grouped under the headings of Political Lookalikes, Hollywood Lookalikes, Tribute Artistes, Popstar Lookalikes, Bond Lookalikes, Historical Lookalikes, TV Lookalkes, Comedy Lookalikes, Soap Star Lookalikes, Royal Lookalikes and Sporting Lookalikes. They have varying skills – some are actors or presenters, dancers or singers, magicians or comedians, models or tribute artistes. Some are after dinner speakers, some have the appropriate accent – and so can be available for celebrity voiceovers.

The majority of our work is for corporate parties but we also supply Lookalikes for photocalls for PR Agencies, Advertising, Television, documentaries, reality shows, filming or doubling for the real stars.

Susan Scott Lookalikes have been involved in providing Lookalikes for many and varied occasions:- gala dinners, hen nights, weddings, barmitzvahs, Silver or Golden weddings, Christmas parties, themed Hollywood or Oscar nights, Bond nights, Casino evenings, team building, tribute nights, conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies, Glamour nights, Hollywood nights, Oscar Nights, Nights with the Stars, Bafta nights, Team, Building, Harry Potter parties, Country and Western Events, ‘Carry on’ or Best of British events, lights camera action, Stars and Their Doubles.