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At the end of my last Blog I mentioned we had 4 lookalikes – 2 x Angelinas, Clooney and Leonardo in Dubai working on an Egyptian TV programme which was to be shown during Ramadan. So now it has been shown and I feel at liberty to share it with you as much as I can glean from the internet. We had been involved in the planning of this job from the beginning of 2015 – we understood that it was a sort of gameshow where contestants, including real celebrities ie Paris Hilton whom we knew was to be part of it prior to the job, as well as our Lookalikes are all in a plane where they announce the plane is about to crash and they all believe that it is actually going to happen. We were told this by the client about a week before the lookalikes were leaving for Dubai (4 months from the initial enquiry) when the client asked us to check if the 4 lookalikes would be happy to skydive! Amazingly they all agreed but, in fact, we still don’t know who in the end actually did jump – what we heard was mainly about how horrendous the turbulence was and how everybody threw up! The programme was called ‘Ramez in Control’ and the actual clip has now been removed from the internet as Paris Hilton threatened to sue the Production Company. Don’t know the outcome but our guys thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

So back to life in the UK. We had a nice job from The Sun for the Queen together firstly with Prince Harry visiting Alton Towers as part of a promotional 2 for 1 link up between Merlin and The Sun. This was followed by Her Maj and Phillip at Seaworld in Manchester and then the following day this time, with Prince George, at Legoland Windsor – so a really nice job when for once the pictures appeared and it was only marred by the terrible accident at Alton Towers which happened one week later. Fate!

The Royals have been in demand all this year and the Merlin Promotion was followed by our Queen and Phillip travelling to Berlin to coincide with the actual Royal Visit there in June but our Lookalikes were there on behalf of Airbnb rather than the Nation. Another favourite of the moment (not just the moment but would seem for always) is gorgeous George C who had 2 very nice bookings in Paris for Lipton Tea. With minutes to spare the first trip was cancelled due I am sure to the contentious nature of using as Lookalike of George who is so involved with a/his coffee brand for a tea product! But then the second job went ahead as planned so it must have been the nature of that first job. George also worked with Del Boy and Patsy at Madame Tussauds and where he also went down a storm and almost mobbed by the ladies in the room as per usual. Another London job that came in really quite last minute in the scheme of corporate jobs where there is usually a long lead time – for the 150th Anniversary of the Langham Hilton Hotel using Churchill, Oscar Wilde and Sherlock Holmes i.e. historical characters associated with the Hotel. Nice job.

Quite definitely the second Quarter of 2015 was much improved workwise in comparison to the first quarter – which was pretty dire – I’m not complaining but it does seem to have become the norm since the Recession. No problem as long as the remainder of the year makes up for it.

Another long planned job which was all in place and then gave us a nightmare at the last moment ‘best laid plans etc.’ was a Company ‘FunDay’ for Pepsi at their HQ in Reading using Lookalikes who had advertised their product and they ended up using Michael Jackson, Pink, Britney, Beckham and Beyonce. Last minute panic was that Beyonce thought for some reason that the job was on the Saturday not the Monday and had no childcare for the Monday – so we started ringing around looking for an alternatives on the Friday evening but were failing and so looked at the problem laterally and turned our attention to finding the childcare which turned out to be simpler than another Beyonce. So all was well once again.

We have continued to have plenty of TV jobs or maybe I should say we have had many TV enquiries and some of them have materialised into actual jobs. One being 3 day job for Osama on a BAFTA winnng programme for the BBC ‘This World’. But always a snag – to be overcome – the first Osama we approached had to turn it down as his family were too frightened that it might put his life in danger but luckily, for us, we had an alternative..

There have also been quite a few international booking this quarter as well – one being for the Champions Festival in Berlin (football) who booked a Lionel Messi for 5/6 days who had to pose for pictures with Festival guests in the Stadium setting. Lovely job and thoroughly enjoyed by the artist – 5 days watching football for a boy and being paid for it! What’s not to enjoy. Now I am writing this I realise how many German jobs we have been having another one was really last minute and not run of the mill at all – but a guy in Munich wanted to make a Bettie Paige hologram so needed to fly our BP into Germany for a day for a photoshoot and then from the results he made his hologram. Amazingly it all worked out – done and dusted in 2 days.

We also got involved with two of the competitors in ‘The Pitch to Rich’ competition – both wanting Richard Branson Lookalikes to be involved with their pitch. Neither possible jobs came to fruition and one of the two actually confirmed before cancelling the next day without realising, being new to the business world, involves paying cancellation fees as per our Ts and Cs. But they learnt the hard way and paid up which was fair enough.

Finally to end on a less than positive note – the most aggravating job we have during this period was a photoshoot of 11 Prince George’s for the Daily Mail which has never appeared which meant that 11 sets of parents have been in touch on a regular basis, since the date of Charlottes christening asking when it would appear

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