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Its 2015 – nothing to say about it so far except we need a Nigel Farage!

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Benedict Cumberbatch - Jamie

Benedict Cumberbatch – Jamie

Paul Hollywood Lookalike

Paul Hollywood Lookalike

Blake as Bieber

Blake as Bieber

Marcus - Gerard Butler

Marcus – Gerard Butler

Sarah - Monroe

Sarah – Monroe

Needless to say I didn’t write a few lines of my blog each week – why do I always set myself these impossible target. I always get things done in the end – but I am not disciplined enough to do something like that although I know it would make life so much simpler. As it is when I come to do this terrible task I have to trawl back through the diary (still have a paper diary) Invoice list, job sheets as well as have to draw on my memory (in fact these days Helena’s and Caroline’s memory) to put together a picture of the last couple of months.

Firstly I go for things that stand out – often foreign jobs because they are just so complicated and long winded to put together, basically without exception. Jamie (Benedict Cumberbatch) new but ‘spot on’ travelled to Australia for a Korean commercial which was advertising the leading British University in Korea called Hackers. As always it wasn’t simple – long distance casting are a lot easier than they were with everybody (pretty well) able to shoot a bit of video on their phones. In this particular instance this request was repeated and repeated. On top of this the client wanted to see Jamie with similar hair to the Sherlock Cumberbatch and its never easy to wig a man cheaply or well. Apart from the hair problem they felt that Jamie should lose a few pounds – which is a fair enough request but he only had about 3 days to do it. Plus when he got to Oz the client didn’t want to give him any per diems/subsistence money as he didn’t need to eat as he was dieting. Things did get sorted out and everybody ended up happy. Parvis (Clooney) also did a commercial his was in Bulgaria for Telenor and there was enormous haggling over money but finally they agreed to a small shoot fee but an extra usage fee to bump up the money and then after they shot it the decided not to use it and so he did not get the extra money. They said he looked too much like George – but surely they must have considered that before the shoot.

Another long winded job that dragged on before Christmas was a shoot in Newcastle for a new Tunes Hotel and they wanted to shoot some PR pictures with a Cheryl Cole. There was lots of indecision over the artiste – Cheryl is tricky although we have many on our books – but they finally decided on Charlotte everyone was agreed then a couple of days before the shoot she was ill and had to pull out. On most occasions we can substitute an alternative because we have others but we had already been down that road but we had to just wait for her to recover. But in fact she never came back to us saying she was better and it was about 2 months later the client plumped for a new Cheryl, Andrea, that we had just taken on our books and she travelled to Newcastle and wowed them.

The Original Bowling Company have been using lookalikes quite regularly over the past few months. I have just googled the company and see that there was a massive buy out or merger with Hollywood Bowl hence the interest in lookalikes – Hollywood Lookalikes. So they have used Marilyn – Sarah a couple of times in Stockton on Tees and Stevenage, Captain Jack Simon in Cheltenham, even a first job from us for Marcus as Gerard Butler in Glasgow. Then Paul Hollywood – Colin – proved his acting skills for a PR company wanting to promote their client ‘The Fine Bedding Company’ with his description of pillows rather than delicious dishes.,

Christmas was alive and well again this year after a definite 5yr gap – Hollywood parties to the fore I would say, and included Jack Nicholson (Meyrick) Audrey Hepburn (Zoe) and Sarah (Marilyn) in Liverpool for Margot at The Daubney Agency – we wish you better Margot. Wembley Stadium –The FA – booked Anna and Edgar for a Gatsby evening where they looked fab. Jacqui took Maxine’s place as Shirley Bassey as I do believe she has virtually retired now which I have to believe as she turned down appearing on a trail for the new Stars in Their Eyes (Maxine was the first winner of the first series of stars in their eyes) This event was held at the Hilton Park Lane as was another Christmas party where they insisted on having Will Ferrell as ‘Elf’ which was sorted and we have an Elf ready and waiting for next years’ Christmas parties. We had a very tricky time getting 2 Marilyn’s together for a Christmas charity lunch in Leeds where they were required to sell raffle tickets (which was very successful) but the problem was the date Friday 12th December, most probably the busiest night of the corporate year and the majority of Marilyns we approached did not want a lunch gig in the North when they already had an evening confirmed job in London. Luckily Claire agreed to race back to the Cafe de Paris for a job from Concerto Live accompanied by Will Smith – Shad. Thank you Claire. There was also a job for Ozzy something we hadn’t had for a long time and Richard had to go all the way to Aberdeen for it.

As seems to be to be the way these days there were lots of media enquiries maybe even more than corporate this is the way things have evolved. Daniel Craig (Eduardo) and Her Majesty ( Jeanette) participating in a publicity stunt for the film ‘Kingsman – The Secret Service’ where they re-enacted their Olympic stunt together without the helicopter but with free runners on a roof. We have also had a flurry of newspaper stories with Brookie as Rita Ora in the Sun and an article about Blake,a transgender Justin Bieber, in the Daily Mail. Then as a spin off from this Blake appeared on ‘This Morning’ which showed just how brave and eloquent (and so helped by his Mum Sharon) Blake is despite all the bullying he had to endure. Very inspiring. Andy, Harry Styles, appeared on Jason Manford’s ‘Funny Old Year’, Jerzy appeared as Putin in room 101. We also loved the shot in Weekend magazine of the Mail promoting the new Stars in their eyes Harry Hill flanked by. Michael Jackson (David) Freddie Mercury (Dean) and Tanya (Cher).  Just thought I would add a nice clip of Ian in ‘The Wars’ as well – very proud of him

2015 the election is coming and the new royal baby what else I wonder?