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August Blog continued……………….At Last!

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This is a little update to my blog from August and perhaps top of the list is the (sad) celebration of the retirement of the one and only really famous Lookalike of my time i.e. Jeannette Charles as Her Majesty The Queen. Jeannette has not been well for the past few years – with mobility problems – but still absolutely on the button in the mind department. So she has been able to share some of her memories with the Daily Mail, The Sunday Express as well as a lovely interview for Radio 4 by JP McManus and for ITV with Larraine/Good Morning Britain. Alongside further interviews with numerous German newspapers and magazines who have not forgotten the huge amount of work she carried out in their country 20 yrs or so ago now. I suppose she is still remembered for her amazing appearance in the ‘Naked Gun’ film with Leslie Nielson and Priscilla Presley when she slid down the length of the dining table. Well done Jeannette – I feel proud of the part I played in you being there.

As an Agency our lives were made even busier this year with a pilot we shot for 12Yd production company which we really enjoyed but felt sad that in the end it all came to nothing as so many of these projects we have participated in, over the years have done. But we really thought that this was ‘The One’ particularly as 12 Yd. are known for Channel 4 programmes like Come Dine with Me and Coach trip and ours had a similar fun format incorporating lookalikes. So thank you everybody and took part and gave their time and effort to the project, but it was not to be. Onwards and Upwards.

We also have spent quite some time over the last few months working on the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie which is still in Production (working title – The Curse of Hendon) But watch out for the handful of characters who were lucky enough to take part – which included Jeanette as Her Majesty, Carmen as Penelope Cruz, Gareth as Harry Potter and Dominic as The Pope. Quite a varied mixture and it will be interesting to see how they all managed to appear in a film together!

We also had an exciting time when we sent 4 Prince Harrys’ to The Secret Garden Party (Festival) which in itself was fun but when we found out after the event that in fact Prince Harry himself was there and our guys were used as decoys. Strangely enough we just didn’t twig that this was the purpose of the booking, although I am often asked if Lookalikes are used for this purpose it doesn’t really happen (Michael Jackson being the exception but that was never booked through us) but here it was right under our noses and we didn’t realise. But Matt, Mike, Henry and Tom had a good 3 days.

Most of August was taken up by organising characters to be used in a Selfie campaign for a well known brand of exceedingly good cakes to be used online. Sadly all came to nothing despite a lot of time and effort as finally (how many times have I head this) it was thought to be too risky using lookalikes of such high profile stars while we all know the very sensitive and legal issue of ‘passing off’ these people as the real ones could have caused problems. This was made more difficult as it was a viral online campaign rather than print so almost impossible to have a visible ‘byline or credit confirming that this person was not the real person. So, many weeks down the line, sadly all was cancelled. Thank you, all of you for being involved, you know who you were and you are Ed Sheeran, Will I Am, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Prince Harry, Rihanna, Prince William, Bradley Cooper and Taylor Swift.

This took up most of August which most probably if I could choose what month to spend on something that doesn’t happen then this would be the best choice. But another job – that did happen but took just the longest time to arrange and come to fruition was for Patricia (The Queen) and Mervyn (Prince Phillip) who worked on a film with Michael Caine called ‘Youth’ still to be released. Looking forward to seeing it.

My intention for the future is to do more frequent but briefer updates about the Wonderful World of Lookalikes which might encourage me to actually keep things a bit more current. Recently I have that terrible ‘Sunday night Essay’ feeling hovering over me all the time, which just ends up with me not doing it for months on end.