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A Day In The Life Of …………………….

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Thought it might be a good move to have a bit of a change of format this month hopefully giving a new perspective on what it is like day to day in a Lookalikes agency. The day being Thursday 20th March 2014.

So…………..I was in the office almost at 10 a.m. – something I try to do despite living above the office as it were, but normally I have the comfort of knowing Caroline or Helena will get there before me. On this particular day Caroline was not coming in and I was there before Helena – so I needed to be up and running straight away.

Firstly I needed to check if the very drawn out enquiry for a Lookalike to ring into a radio programme yesterday evening had actually happened. Our Gary Barlow, Dan, was requested for Sports Relief (so no money) but as he couldn’t be available at that time we decided to ask Caroline B who (1) is very willing to do charity jobs and (2) is a brilliant impressionist – Maggie Thatcher, Cherie Blair, Cilla Black etc. so would be a very valuable asset to a radio programme. The radio was an internet radio station (new to me) called and our contact was Sean. I left a message for Caroline to ring us back and let us know.

Then I turned my attention to an enquiry left on our answering machine overnight from a good client of ours – Undercurrent – who were asking for the availability of Bruce Forsyth (Paul C) to do a series of jobs in July to host some corporate evenings of ‘Play Your Cards Right’ or the ‘Generation Game’ – all good at this point, emailed Paul who came back with the news that these dates clashed with his trip to Austria. Not so good – we shall just have to see what pans out – as so often happens.

Helena was in by this time which is always a great relief to me as she has control of all the action and methodically works through what needs to be done after I had given her a resume on what had happed so far. Priority of the day for her was to finalise all arrangements for a batmizvah in Henley that we had been working on for a while and was actually happening on Sunday. They had decided to book – Brad and Angelina (Sam and Sienna – there had been talk of flying Lina over from Spain but as she has just had her first baby it just was all too much for a new Mum to contemplate and Sienna kindly stepped into her place). They were to be joined by Tenika as Rihanna and of course Harry Styles, James. His first batmizvah – could be the first of many lets hope so. Helena’s other main focus was finally a booking for Mourinho (Leon) and Wenger (Marcus) to be filmed on Saturday at the same time as the Arsenal/Chelsea match at Stamford Bridge to promote a whiskey. I am now writing this on Sunday and we know (particularly me as I am a local Arsenal girl) that Arsenal lost 6 goals to nil! OMG – how did that turn out I wonder.

With Helena at the helm I turned back to another ‘freebie’ this time from a very nice girl called Torie Hart who wanted us to help her out by supplying lookalikes for short video clips that they could use to help their school’s business society entry in a competition where they hoped to win £1000 for that they would donate to Sports Relief. Phew, there you go – sadly for Torie we had to say no – Sean and his SJ radio had beaten her to it and we were all ‘charityed’ out for one day. But catch us on another day we will have regained our enthusiasm and social duty.

Then I had a call from Heidi (Kate M) who had spotted an article that she had appeared in for ‘The Sun’ has appeared (but altered) in ’ Womans Own’ this week – it was titled The Famous Faces in our Families’. Basically different lookalikes were shown with a member of their family – Heidi with her son Blake, Jamie (Beckham) with his wife Lucy, Harvey (Justin) with his girlfriend and should also have showed Suzanne (Katy Perry) with her partner but they were not included in WO most probably because she received a great deal of attention initially with ‘The Sun’ article as she had mentioned how she had turned her eating disorder around and the Worlds’ Press swooped on her. We hadn’t realised that this article had been reused and need to check it out further. Heidi was also checking that we had her current passport details as she and Tom are flying to Germany together next month. Nice to catch up with Heidi as it had been a while.

Then we had a change of pace as it were and had a visit from Claudia (a new Barbara Windsor on our books) who we had asked to come by and meet us all. There was a bit of confusion with our address and finding her way from Finsbury Park tube but finally she burst into our office and kept us amused for an hour or so. Very bubbly, very funny and looked great. Not only does she look like Babs she can also sing and dance has been on numerous Cruise Liners as an entertainer plus being able to do a whole turn of cockney songs/singalong. How come we hadn’t met her before? She came to us via a mutual friend who met her as they both had been ‘drummers’ in the opening ceremony of the Olympics. (with the blue bowler hats with the light bulbs on top) Better and better.

I think I need to actually publish this blog now otherwise it will be out of date – but hopefully this gives you an idea of how my days go by. Every day is different which is most probably why I have been able to do this job for so many years and hopefully for many more to come. Fingers crossed.