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2014 – What Does It Hold?

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So Christmas has come and gone – OK but not the best and January is nearly over, thank goodness. (Corporation Tax, Personal Tax, VAT, Membership Subscriptions due – why do they all have to come at once!) but,as the owner of my own small business, would there ever be a right time for these – not really – so maybe its best it is done this way get them over with and wipe the slate clean and start again knowing that you have 12 months to recover. Trying to be positive on this wet Monday morning.

In fact work has been good – December was once again not the Block Buster that it was before the Big ‘R’ but there was a very good mixed bag of confirmed work instead of the huge wave of corporate parties of yesteryear. It looks like that’s how it will be going forward. Suits me – work is work.

Last year saw a few jobs for Andrew as Lord Grantham and we can thank an ardent US fan of the series, Marjorie, who booked him for her splendid Downton 70th Birthday party, actually at Highclere Castle. Sadly our Lady Mary wasn’t available on that night so Marjorie’s granddaughter stepped in and did the honours. Around the same time Jeanette The Queen was booked by ITV for This morning and they shot at Brocket Hall. But on the whole we have seen a drop in Royal bookings in the past few months most probably because Kate & William have kept themselves pretty much under the radar but despite this trend Nicola did a nice spread for The Daily Mail at the time of Kate’s windy day skirt malfunction. While Heidi, together with her son Blake joined Jamie (Beckham) and wife Lucy, Suzanne (Katy Perry) and partner Paul and Harvey (Justin Bieber) and girlfriend Sophie for a spread in The Sun – shot at the end of November and only appeared today. But better late than never.

Also the end of November brought us a nice job for The Box Nightclub in Belfast – it was a themed Bond Night with Mark as Pierce Brosnan, Ted as Jaws and Max as Daniel Craig who were booked months in advance for this gig – travel arranged all set to roll and then on the day before – their flight was cancelled and chaos reigned not helped by 2 of the party needing to carry guns! It was sorted but only just.

Marilyn never goes out of fashion it seems and Arianna travelled to Bootle for a PA at the Strand Shopping Centre and together with fake paparazzi wowed the pre Christmas shoppers of Liverpool. Followed swiftly by one of the few ‘traditional’ Christmas parties booked through us this year at the Hotel Russell together with Max (Daniel Craig who has now become the Bond of choice – quite rightly in my view) for Teacher Stern – Solicitors. Gary Parkes booked Tom as Prince William in Polo gear for an promotional event at Cowarth Park – which was a change. Jamie (Beckham)had a treat of a job (in my eyes anyway) shooting for French Vogue a spread shot by Terry Richardson in Paris which appeared in the edition that had the real Posh & Becks on the cover – lovely pictures. Plus he has had 2 very high profile doubling jobs on commercials both before Christmas and is shooting again today. Roger (Obama) did another day for The Secret Service film last week and they are chasing us for another shoot day tomorrow. Chantelle (Rihanna), Martin (Gordon Ramsey), and George (Robert Pattinson) worked just before Christmas at a Barmitzvah at Madame Tussauds (always such a great venue for Lookalikes) booked by Michael Crooke – quite a while since we had a booking from Michael – thank you very much.

As I mentioned – work has been very varied including Ramakant doing such a nice job as Gandhi again, this time filming in Stockholm for UNICEF booked through Acne Productions. Have just seen the clip on YouTube really nice. It was just a shame thatr Liz (our Mother Theresa) who cast here in the UK alongside Ram was not successful and they went for a local actress. We were all really upset as she was herself. Better luck next time we hope. Brazen PR booked 3 football managers for a stunt at The National Football Museum just prior to Christmas – Marcus as Arsene Wenger, Frank as Alex Ferguson and Tony as David Moyes. First job for Tony – will this be the start of a new career for him or will it be very short-lived? Daily Mail shot another Harper Beckham story using Sienna which appeared during the Christmas break bringing with it a flood of new Harper Beckhams’ to our books (maybe it should read a ‘Hurricane of Harpers’). Planned 2 Perfection booked Gorgeous George (Clooney) – Parvis for a wedding reception at Claridges as a treat for the bride! While Dan Crowley of Denfield booked Bob as Noel Edmonds to host ‘Deal or No Deal’ at Arbury SKODA in Leamington Spa. We rounded off the year with a NYE booking at the Empire Leicester Square who had wanted to recreate a theme of the ‘Hangover’ films but didn’t book as we couldn’t provide a Mike Tyson. Then we acquired the lovely Mike as the man himself and the booking went ahead at the last minute. Great end to another good year.

Belated New Year Greetings.

PS posting a picture of Wolf of Wall Street & Jo Lumley LLikes
which I have just been sent from last week’s job.