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Behind As Per Usual

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I am late with my Blog that already seems to have slipped from once a month to once every two months but my excuse for lateness this time – was my 70th Birthday, not something I was looking forward to but in fact turned into an enjoyable milestone but one that I am pleased I have passed. The last couple of months have been good ones – can’t complain – but the piece de resistence (maybe of my whole career) was The Dave Gorman Show – his new series on Dave. He told his story of becoming his own lookalike and joining our Agency. He went through the whole tale of sending his picture (a bad selfie) to us and all the other lookalike agencies none of which took him on, under the alias of Martin Andrews. He went on the New Lookalikes section of our website and after about two months his production company – Liberty Bell came in and pencilled Martin for their show i.e. The Dave Gorman Shows. The job was Contracted and Martin was confirmed and ready for his appearance, car was booked and we naturally assumed the job was done. Three days later the phone rings a voice says ‘my name is Dave Gorman and I have been a very naughty boy’. He then went on went on to explain to my very disbelieving colleague what had happened, how he had scammed everybody including his production company who didn’t know what he had done until the cab with the Dave Gorman Lookalike didn’t arrive and Dave himself filled them in. Dave apologised profusely to us, thanked us for our professionalism and graciousness and sent us wonderful flowers and asked us to keep the secret until after the show aired. This happened in September our PR was second to none and we have ridden on the cloud of the Dave Gorman Show ever since. My turn to thank you Dave Gorman. After this work followed a more normal path with Patricia F making a Royal visit to Serbia. Then Clic Sargent – the Cancer charity – scraped some money together for an event they were running at Grosvenor House where they booked James as Leonardo Dicaprio and Anna as Carey Mulligan dressing them in character and putting them into a beautiful Gatsby tea party setting for people to have pictures taken with them for a donation. I hope it was really successful for them. We were able to supply Steve R (Del Boy) after a gap of many years for a job for Barrie Hawkins at Trunkwell House. At the same time we had a lovely booking from Sebastien Forrest a new private French client for his 40th Birthday which he arranged – together with loads of his friends, in London. Firstly he booked Jeanette V (The Queen) to meet and greet his guests and accompany them on a double decker bus to see the sights and then dropped her off outside Buckingham Palace – great! Then at the end of his evening party at Sketch he had John and Alfie as George Michael and Elton John miming to ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me’. Quite a night by all accounts. Its definitely been quieter on the Kate & William front but Heidi did a photoshoot for the Sun at McArthus Glen outlets – choosing new outfits for her new slim post baby wardrobe. While Jodie travelled to Newcastle to celebrate Will Martin’s 21st Birthday – a big Kate fan – and making it a memorable night forever in his photo album. Francesca (Katy Perry) did a nice job for Endemol at Mipcom in Cannes – just one morning’s appearance where she wowed everybody as usual – but in fact this job wins the prize for the most emails ever to organise this job which on the surface appeared to be a completely normal, straightforward personal appearance. You never know what lies ahead when you start on a job. We have had a couple of Elvis jobs after a bit of a lull on that particular front for us. The lovely Jack Mc went to Warwick Uni for Mike Malley while Ian C worked 2 days out of the 4 originally booked by a Company called YouFitMe where Ian sang new words about their product to the tune of ‘Return to Sender’ but sadly this turned out to be the wrong choice of character for this particular client. Shame I wasn’t there, then they would have had at least one very satisfied client – Elvis – my personal choice for every job. Shenton did a great job performing as Louis Armstrong at BUPA Care Homes around the country and went down a storm – well done Shenton as always. Perhaps the most surprising and perhaps the best job during this period has been for Ian as Churchill who has just spent a month in the US shooting a new documentary about ‘The War’ (maybe Wars) for the History Channel. The schedule was changed so that instead of returning to the UK after 2 weeks shooting and then travelling for 3 more days shoot in Berlin, they decided to shoot the German section in West Virginia and the client was so afraid that if Ian returned to the UK for a week the US authorities might not let him back in again so decided to let him have a 8 day paid vacation in New York with free accommodation thrown in rather than take the risk. Lucky old Ian. We managed to get David and Sam Cameron (Bentley & Tracey) on to the Alan Titchmarsh show making bread – at the time of the ‘How Much Is A Loaf of Bread Mr Cameron’? Hopefully we helped a Bristol based Agency Indicia win their new business pitch by them employing 2 high profile temporary employees i.e Simon Cowell (Kieran) . Then the job of jobs for me – Jamie (Beckham) travelled to Paris for French Vogue to do a one day shoot with Terry Richardson – divine! Caroline B appeared as Ann Robinson for Hat Trick – Room 101. While Nigel as Joe Pasquale appeared on ‘Sunday Side Up’ having recovered from his stroke. Well done Nigel. Then Channel 4 Mash Up had an 80ies evening with Melita (Madonna), Mark (Prince) and Roy ( Eddie Murphy). The Queens were busy as always but perhaps just not quite so hectic as the last 3 yrs. Jeanette travelled to Coventry for Lloyds Pharmacy and also attended another evening at Altitude for Sternberg Clarke. Added to this luvverly bunch of Lookalikes we had Barack Obama – Roger do a day’s work on a new feature film ‘Secret Service’ here in Watford and Dean did his first Keith Lemon booking for us – interviewing friends of Ezra Chapman to wish a mutual friend Happy Birthday in Keith’s inimitable way. It has been a pretty good couple of months – how will Christmas fayre this year – we shall see. Its still not looking like it used to look I would say but maybe those days have really gone and a disco, buffet and a drink is good enough to keep us all happy at Christmas parties after the rough ride we have had.