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The Royal Baby came and went!

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We were hoping the arrival of George Alexander Louis would have rivalled the ‘Wedding’ and ‘Jubilee’ and I suppose it did in the short term. Despite the World’s Press outside St Mary’s Hospital, if it hadn’t been for ‘The Sun’ – that would have been that. Prior to the Prince’s arrival there had been a few jobs; Heidi did a job for the Daily Mail on the 8th July which was a fashion spread about Kate’s remaining bump after the birth but they never ran it for their own reasons and Take A Break magazine, once again, used the whole family for a Royal Baby (after the baby) shoot this time with Jeanette V as the Queen, with Jodie and Simon as Kate and Wills and Roddy and Orla as Harry and Pippa, while last year they did a comedy Christmas shoot. But it was The Sun that came up trumps and drove their Royal Red Double Decker Bus around the country in the 5 days following the birth with Kate and William on board. They had also managed to get a ‘spoof’ shot of the Royal Couple arriving at the Hospital. They definitely won on that shot. Various Kates and Williams were used – mainly Nicola and Tom but also Harriet and Raphael. They visited Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow all arranged very last minute but such a nice job – but babywise – that was about it. Heidi also did interviews for 7 Network Australia and for Dutch TV – so a very watered down media frenzy but fun while it lasted.

But we have been busy in general and have continued to be right through August – very heartening. London has been brimming with tourists and that has meant plenty of ‘Best of British’ events at various locations that shout out our heritage and endorse the feel good factor that the Jubilee and Olympics brought to London – Hurray. These included for us – another job from Brian Rowan this time at the Langham Hotel with Mary as The Queen accompanied by Simon and Jodie. Then an international event at the Old Bank of England (should have been at the Draper’s Hall but as they are by Royal Appointment Royal Lookalikes not allowed) which is basically a pub and this was for Dominos Pizza awards with Mary as the Queen and Simon and Heidi as Kate and Wills for EC Travel. Then another similar evening for Heidi and Tom at the Corinthia Hotel and finally Gabi (Kate) and Tom (Wills) attended a function for Japanese visitors at Leeds Castle in Kent which is such a magical venue. This job came from Rochester PR Group whom we haven’t worked for before.

Mentioning pizzas – which I did with the Dominos Awards, Mary (The Queen) also participated in 77 PR’s promotion for Pizza Express’s ‘Love Your Summer’ Campaign and as part of that food artiste Prudence Staite created a pizza looking like the Queen’s face with Mary sitting for that portrait. There you go.

Captain Jack always puts in regular appearances, and it has been no different during the past couple of months. Simon Newton helped out Macintyre School (children with learning difficulties) at their summer MacFest, as well as appearing along with Kieran (Simon Cowell) and the Queen (Jeanette) at a ‘ Summer Schools 2013’ Event which was held yesterday at Alexandra Palace – hope all went well – fingers crossed, haven’t heard as yet. Terry A also helped out with his last minute appearance at Bicester Carnival. Thank you for that Terry – Yo Ho Ho etc.

Strangely this last week – August – has been busy, because apart from the Ally Pally job we provided 4 Action Heroes for City Cruises new Speedboat ride on the Thames. They booked Daniel Craig – Max, Lara Croft – Kate, Arnie – Tim and Mission Impossible Tom Cruise – Dan for a PR stunt early on Thursday morning and somebody seeing 4 gunmen dressed in black speeding along the Thames rang the Police and subsequently they got far more publicity than they could possibly have hoped for! Great!

Bruce Forsyth – Paul did very well for a corporate ‘Play Your Cards Right’ for P&MM at Wembley Arena. Around the same time we had what should have been a really nice trip to Paris for Shortcut who put on a product launch for Lancombe, all was fine for Diana Ross (Deanna) but things turned a bit sour for our Tina Turner (Niqi) who was guided into a lift at the Airport by a Security Guard in uniform who then proceeded to try to assault her – quite unbelievable – the investigation continues. On a more cheerful note there was a nice corporate party at The Savoy from Gary Parkes – which had taken months to finalise Daniel Craig (David) and 2 Bond Girls. One of the girls should have been Sarah (Julia Roberts) who often has played a Bond Girl over the years but who had to pull out with an emergency hospital stay but luckily Sienna (Angelina) stepped in beautifully. The other girl had come to us as Abbey Clancy (Clare, more about her in a minute).

So Clare N who came to us as Abbey Clancy in fact has done 3 jobs for us but only one as Abbey. The WAG job is for a small piece of filming for a company Westcoast who had previously used Jamie as Beckham and Spike as Sven for the same client. So the other job that Clare has done for us was the most bizarre – she played a ‘Beach Babe’ for British Airways who did a PR exercise at BAFTA featuring strange flavoured popcorns and each flavour was represented by a lookalike. So Martini flavour – Bond (David as Daniel Craig) Suncream flavour – Beach Babe (Clare) Take Your Breath Away flavour – Top Gun i.e Tom Cruise (Scott) and Jaws i.e Shark flavour Carl in Shark outfit all to boost their Silent Picturehouse Promotion. Going back to Clare she has also played ‘Cressida’ Prince Harry’s new girlfriend for a film shoot which they shot in Finsbury Park.(Harry played by Roddy) So thank you Clare you filled in many gaps – long may it continue.

George Clooney – Parvis flew to Croatia for a local beer commercial. Will Smith (Shad) and Richard Branson (Peter) travelled to Spain to be in a celebrity party scene for Tiger Aspect’s ‘Benidorm’ – watch out for them. Mike H has doubled a couple of times recently for Crouch and can be seen in Virgin Media’s football commercials and stills (obviously not him but Crouch himself) on Hackney Marshes.

On the 4th July Colin T as Obama attended a function – The Visit USA Ball at the Park Lane Hotel and he should have been with Reg G playing Ronald Reagan but sadly another person hospitalised. What a shame – Reg was seen dancing with Maggie Thatcher (Meryl Streep) in the ‘Iron Lady’ fabulous.

Finally Mary (The Queen) and Philip her husband i.e. Vernon appeared on Lets Do Lunch on ITV recently and the whole Royal Family have also done a pre -record for a future programme but I have no idea why.

That’s it – its Bank Holiday Saturday it is pouring with rain – and I am going to finish here. As time goes on I find writing this Blog so much of a chore and it reminds me of doing school essays on Sunday nights. So now School is out and I intend enjoying what is left of the holiday and make the most of the respite from the madness as I hope you all are doing.