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There is Work Around – please let it continue

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Its so hard to believe after the hammering that we took at the beginning of the Recession that we do have work again. It wasn’t just ‘The Wedding’ or ‘The Jubilee’. It seems this Country is slowly climbing its way back to normality (if our enquiries are anything to go by and I always reckon and may have mentioned before we are a good barometer of the economic position of the country) but even as I write this I have my fingers crossed. Look at Spain and Greece etc. I am keeping them crossed for now.
The last couple of months have certainly been a combination of everything and anything – corporate events, private parties, barmitzvahs, weddings, foreign jobs, virals, TV, National Press you name it we have been asked even if – as so often is the case –only to provide a guideline price before Googling their lives away until they can unearth the artiste they are after. It’s the way of the World Wide Web World we now live in. Aggravating though. Here is a smattering of the jobs that were done –
The job that really stands out, I suppose, is the Virgin Media job that was done in Manchester put together by Beautiful Productions who built a replica of Hilda Ogden’s front room in Piccadilly Gardens and then filled it with around 20 Lookalikes whose celebrity is connected with Manchester. They included, Beckham, Peter Kay, the Gallagher Brothers, Victoria Wood, Tina McIntyre, Bet Lynch, Curly Watts, Shelly Unwin – you get the picture. These guys then provided a photo-op for the press. Quite a mammoth undertaking for all concerned but what turned out to be a successful one and a job that everybody working on it seemed to love.
We had a job for Harvey (Justin Bieber) in Copenhagen doubling for the real Justin on a commercial that he shot in Denmark at the same time as part of his notorious but badly behaved tour. True to form in this business, Harvey had an AS Level practical exam on the Sunday morning after the shoot and Harvey lives in Cheshire but goes to school some distance away. It seemed like an impossibility but Harvey was determined not to miss this opportunity – the experience being more important than the fee which was not great. In the end the only flight back to the UK that night was to Heathrow and then he had to be taxied back up to his home in Cheshire. In Harvey’s words his Mum told us he had ‘The Best Time Ever’. Justin’s commercial was for a perfume ad. with the proceeds going to charity it would seem.
Griff W (Hannibal) attended a special ‘dress up’ viewing and night of ‘Silence of the Lambs booked by Miss Jones & Co – how terrifying was that! Mary R (The Queen) has still be superbusy and it included travelling to Southampton for an Italian client who wanted a very special send-off for 2 young boys who were travelling to New York by boat – hopefully they will treasure the pictures that were taken on that day for the rest of their lives. Another job of Mary’s that stands out came along on the first Bank Holiday Monday in May – when ‘The Sun’ photographed her reinacting Helen Mirren’s fit of anger at noisy passers-by when she was on stage in The Audience – but Mary was just photographed telling off various passers by near to Buckingham Palace.
Apart from the Justin Bieber job we have had a few other foreign jobs which always bring their own specific problems – Patricia F The Queen’s trip to Turkey was no exception with tricky ticketing problems that thankfully worked out in the end. Thank you Sternberg Clarke for being understanding). Colin W (Captain Jack) flew to Egypt at the last minute stepping into the breach when an alternative Captain J had to ‘pull out’ (2 little words that sound so simple but to an Agent – a nightmare!) Well done Colin.
John B (Tony Blair) did a day’s shoot on Jonathan Creek : Frank Y (Alex Ferguson) appeared on Russell Howard’s News – will that be the last Fergie job – hope not. Ros (Helen Mirren) and Hugh (Sean Connery) attended a BFI Gala evening and took their place on the red carpet for photographs with great success and wowed the guests said the client Sporting Agenda, thank you for the feedback.
The Royal Baby has not been forgotten – 2 clients, one being Alison Jackson and the other Frank PR did great stills and viral shoots around the forthcoming baby story – Alison’s for Schloer the apple drink and Frank PR for Ladbrokes the bookies both looked fabulous and got lots of coverage.
This week Bruce Willis – Dan – will shoot a video with the band ‘Cage of the Gods’. Frank Lampard (Justin) and John Terry (Simon) recently supplied Chelsea theming for a barmitzvah at Grosvenor House. Lexie (Marilyn) did another greatjob this time for Jamie Walters. Elaine Stratford (finally after a lot of angst as to what would be the right choice) booked Shenton with his Legends of Soul show for her 50th birthday bash which went down a storm and was thrilled. Undercurrent booked Andy (Simon Cowell) again for Samsung this time at the Carphone Warehouse in Acton together with newcomer Cheryl Cole (Charlotte – which necessitated one of these early starts for lookalikes that live in Manchester but the job is down here and visa versa when artists need to be in Manchester or London before 11 a.m. train quote on Virgin over £300!) Clients just don’t believe it! I can’t believe it! Oh the woes of a Lookalikes Agent or a lot of the time Travel Agent. Finally for the first time we had a job for our lovely Colin Firth (Matthew) who dressed as Mr. D’Arcy and soaked to the skin appeared from the lake at Belsay Hall – Success.
So not a bad few weeks one thing that has not been affected by the weather thank goodness.