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2013! Not Happy About That Being Superstitious

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PSY - Dennis C Gangnam Style

PSY – Dennis C Gangnam Style

Daniel Craig - David B

Daniel Craig – David B

Tom Daley - Felix

Tom Daley – Felix

Victoria Pendleton - Claire S

Victoria Pendleton – Claire S

Queen - Jeanette V

Queen – Jeanette V

Now that 2012 is over and we look back – it was pretty good. The Olympics themselves, although fantastic, basically did not bring us any work. But it did boost the Country’s morale plus bringing us, bit by bit, a good group of Olympic Lookalikes. (That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like a few more if there are more of you out there – come on in please). The triumph of the past year for us was the Queen’s Jubilee and it’s a big thank you to our Queens who worked their socks off during that time, their only drawback being their age making travel etc. that much more difficult and expensive – but if they were younger it just wouldn’t work obviously!
I am also pleased to report that since the Jubilee and the Olympics and despite nothing but predicted doom and gloom – the last few months have been busy. It wasn’t ‘All About Christmas’ as it was before the Recession, but on the whole I can’t complain.
The whole year still had a strong Royal Theme continuing on from Kate and William’s wedding in 2011 and sweeping right through to 2012 with the Queen’s Jubilee. The enquiries are still coming in both Nationally and Internationally. Added to this came the 50th Bond Anniversary together with the premiere of Skyfall and then, believe it or not, we see The Queen (the actual Queen herself not a Lookalike Queen as the majority of the country thought at that moment except for me, of course, who knew as we would have known about it if that was the case) together with Daniel Craig as part of Danny Boyle’s amazing Opening Ceremony. Wonderful – making us all proud to be British if only for that one instance. Everything about that Opening Ceremony made me cry and here come the tears again just thinking about it.
On the back of this moment of wonder we did have a great job just before Christmas at Newark near Nottingham for Totemic where they had Bond (Daniel Craig David B) and The Queen (Jeanette V) who ‘appeared’ to have arrived by helicopter with the SAS. Difficult to beat. They also booked Shelley (Elaine E) from Corrie serving in The Rovers mock up and Austin Powers (Chris L) to keep the party going. There is no doubt that Daniel Craig is now ‘The Bond’ of choice. Its taken a while but he has now taken over from Sean Connery – sad but true.
Heidi (Kate M) had a lucky break at the end of September when we had a chance phone call from the ‘Birmingham Post’ asking to do a little piece, for free, on her as she lives in Corby. Their photographer did some great pictures – and they were picked up by the Parent Company ‘The Daily Mail’ it was syndicated and the story went Worldwide within a matter of days. (I say ‘story’ but really there was no story) and she ended up after a frenzied couple of weeks on ‘Good Morning America’ in New York. We basically missed out on the majority of this work but did manage to pick up a couple of the spin offs – but we learnt our lesson yet again, to be less naïve and trusting of insignificant sounding enquiries that we have everyday and wake up to the World with the Internet being a very different World from the one when I started my Agency at the end of the 70ies. Heidi is continuing to be busy and did a big spread in the Mail as soon as the baby was announced, showing Kate’s predicted wardrobe throughout her pregnancy. Very nice.
Alison Jackson has been busy as always mainly with her weekly ‘Fake Take’ in the Sunday Times – which came to an end with the New Year. These included – mostly using her favourite lookalikes – Mary as the Queen, Alfie as Elton, Sarah, Gabi and Simon as Pippa, Kate and William. She kept us busy over Christmas preparing for a new shoot of Olympians for ‘The Mail on Sunday’ and the ‘Mail Online’ which did appear on 6th January 2013 which was a comfort as so many things in general just don’t appear or don’t happen after a lot of work has already been done by us here in the office. This time she used Felix as Tom Daley, Tara as Zara, Daf as Bradley and James as Mo.
The last months of the year gave us some nostalgic requests – a few Del Boy jobs ably carried out by David Byrne. Plus a Patsy and Eddy job(Sue B and Lesley G) for a very last minute birthday party in Whetstone well done guys.
During this time we were also lucky on the body doubles front with Peter B as Richard Branson and Richard A as David Tenant in a new Virgin commercial still to be shown. Plus John P doubling for Sir Alan on a new Apprentice Ident also still to be shown. John managed to wangle a shot with the man himself which made it really worthwhile for him.
For the past few Christmases we have had one client who has always enquired about a Matthew Kelly Lookalike (Tony M) to host a Stars in Their Eyes party in London. Up until this year Tony’s own Company Party always fell on the same night and he couldn’t do it – this year their patience (Wieden and Kennedy’s) won through and Tony hosted their talent show. Hurray.
One great job came in quite last minute for Christmas (in fact nearly all the Christmas jobs that actually happened came in when it was almost too late putting pressure on everyone) for PSY (Dennis) who performed his YouTube hit Gangnam Style for Undercurrent (an experiental marketing agency based in London) who were very brave bringing Dennis over from Dublin on the day and arranging a rehearsal with 8 dancers during the afternoon before performing in the evening (very successfully) and returning to Ireland the next morning. The Agency took quite an expensive gamble but most people thought it was really him so all worthwhile in the end.
The run up to Christmas was made even more fraught by Will-I-Am’s launch of his iPhone+foto sosho fashion accessory that turns a regular iPhone into a retro-looking camera. Cirque du Soir came to us to arrange a whole host of iconic lookalikes for the launch party at 1 Marylebone. Luckily most Lookalikes adore to mix with the real Celebrities (as we all do) and were game to give up a bit of their time to attend for the price of their expenses. They all loved it, Helena went along as well but we can’t survive on Celebrity mixing alone! Motto for 2013.