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I have been missing from my post! I had 10 days as a Games Maker at Excel with the Fencing Teams – one of the best experiences ever, in my estimation.  Then I had one week in hospital and nearly 6 weeks trying to crawl back to being a normal person.  How can an operation on your stomach turn your brain to ‘mush’.  But, luckily, this 2 month stint coincided (in fact it wasn’t luck I planned it) with July and August never the busiest time on the Lookalikes calendar, with 2012 being no exception.  Despite the excitement that the whole country felt with both the Olympics and Paralympics, it did not translate itself into actual corporate jobs that we need to survive.  We kept hoping that there would be work for our ‘Olympians’ but quite honestly we went into the Games with very few of the current athletes on our books but with the frenzy of those 4 weeks and the knock on effect of people everywhere realising that they look like a gold, silver or bronze medallist we are in a much better place.  So now we have a few Usains, Rebecca Adlington, Andy Murray, Mo Farrer, Tom Daley, Bradley Wiggins, Beckham, Federer, Greg Rutherford. Zara Phillips, Kelly Holmes,  Jessica Ennis, Michael Phelps, Victoria Pendleton – not bad a list – but there is still room for improvement please – Chris Hoy?

We did one job actually in the Olympic Park – had hoped for more but there you go – and it was for British Airways Park Live Area with the big TV screens.  They booked Kate (Gabriella) and Pippa (Hannah) for an Ascot ‘like’ Ladies Day complete with fab hats.  It got lots of press coverage and they girls looked really great.  Since then Usain Bolt (Colin) has been used alongside Patsy of Ab Fab (Sally Craike)  for a corporate daytime event at the Landmark Hotel.  Alison Jackson has continued working steadily throughout the Summer using a variety of people as they hit the News including Usain (Nyli this time) Mary R (The Queen) Andy Monk (Simon Cowell including a shot of him with Pudsey, or was it Pudsey’s brother?) Daryl Belsey (Russell Brand) and Hannah (Pippa) and an Elton (Alfie) and Simon Cowell shoot – it involved high end shopping I think. This week Alison was in Vienna for Tuesday/ Wednesday accompanied by her Queen, Mary Reynolds, then raced back for a FROW shot a la Alison for designer Philip Colbert (which included the inexhaustible Mary Reynolds) followed by a shoot for ‘Woman’s Own’ of Camilla (Jane M) Kate (Gabriella) and yes you are right Mary Reynolds again, followed by a shoot for Time Out today Sunday this time Daniel Craig (Graham G) Pippa (Hannah) Mick Jagger (Paul A) and – give her a round of applause for real stamina – Mary Reynolds as The Queen.

Other highlights of the Summer included Jack McVitie as Elvis acting as a Vegas Wedding Chapel Elvis for a corporate party at Grays Inn which gave the client great photo opportunities.  Our Queens have really been busy for the whole of this year not at the same pitch as the Jubilee Month (that would have been impossible for all concerned) but busy nonetheless.  We have in fact been using a new Queen to us Jeanette Vane (strange for me that I should represent a second Queen Lookalike called Jeanette (they spell their names differently) Jeannette Charles being the very first famous Lookalike in the World and get well soon Jeannette we miss you plus we need you to be able to fulfill the many enquiries we get for you every week.  Our new Jeanette V’s jobs have included a corporate party for Betfair at Syon House, an evening event for the Jockey Club and a trip to Calais and back on a cross channel ferry.  She is 84 same age as the real Queen and goes down a storm. 

This Summer has also brought us quite a few Charity events that various lookalikes have participated in – Owayne (Robert Pattinson). Francesca (Katy Perry and Michael O (Tiny Tempah) travelled to Newport for a Hollywood Red Carpet event in connection with Young Enterprise Wales and David Girt (Charlie C) very successfully helped out the Aspinall Foundation recently.

The workload in September as per the olden days – has certainly picked up speed – please let it continue.  We had 7 great Lookalikes at Babble last week where a great evening was had by – mainly male guests – partying with Rachael White (Beyonce) Halima (Cheryl Cole) Francesca (Katy Perry) Cat (Lady Gaga) Lina Sands (Angelina Jolie) and just to even things out a bit with Kimberley (Posh) was Jamie as David Beckham.  Quite a turn out.