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Thank You Your Majesty

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The Jubilee was mayhem for us but now that its over we are certainly grateful for all the work it brought us.  There was a difference between the bookings for last year’s Royal Wedding period and this year’s Jubilee in that last year the bookings were mainly from the media – and international media no less, while this year for the Queen, they are mainly UK corporate.  I feel that is quite heartening in this climate that we do have businesses that are prepared ‘to push the boat out’ for a special occasion even if we are still in the recession.  Encouraging I would say. Roll on the Olympics please! But I have my doubts.

There were just so many Royal jobs – quite a few for all the Royals not just the Queen – its difficult to know where to begin.  We did manage to add to our Queen roster with the addition of Jeanette Vane,  Heather Spink and Amanda Bellamy not to forget Caroline Bernstein who added Her Majesty to her long list of fabulous characters and carried out a variety of jobs with her own particular ‘take’ on the Queen.

Mary Reynolds worked her socks off for us and many others – how did she have the strength, at her age, to manage to fulfil all her bookings faultlessly with very few hitches every day for a month.  I can only applaud her.  Patricia Ford worked in a similar fashion but sadly for us she was already booked for the majority of prime dates, before we could get to her.  In fact it was Margaret Southcoat who maybe did the most high profile job of the Jubilee Weekend when she joined Prince Philip (Vernon Preston) Prince William (Simon Watkinson) Kate (Jodie Bredo) Prince Charles and Camilla (John Downes and Jane Mosse) in the Football Association’s box at Wembley for the England v Belgium match on the Saturday.  Quite a gig and lots of publicity.

Meanwhile Mary Reynolds raced from The Swan Shopping Centre in Eastleigh in Hampshire to Mulheim in Germany then to Croydon and the next day The Royals Shopping Centre in Southend on to the Midlands for Planters Garden Centres then back down to London for an evening engagement at The Brewery in the City then back to Essex before ending up at Queens Market in the East End. Phew what a marathon.

The other Royals were also busy Heidi (Kate) visited K Village in Cumbria, the whole Royal family did a lovely viral for Poundland and on this job they were accompanied by Tom Daley (Felix) and Steven Gerrard (Simon Davis) surprisingly enough.  Another viral saw Mary Reynolds (The Queen) Vernon (Philip) Ann Clifton (Camilla) and John Downes (Charles) plus Harry 

dining out at Pizza Hut on their Crown Crust Pizza – not at all bad take a look on YouTube together with Chessington World of Adventures pictures on their Facebook Page of The Queen (Mary) William (Simon) and  Harry on the Log Flume very reminiscent of Diana with the 2 boys.  Sadly Jeannette Charles is still receiving treatment for her mobility problems but was always available for interviews with the Press. We missed you Jeannette get better soon.