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I’m sadly still not keeping on top of things as far as blogging is concerned but this is not really because of my workload but because of Oliver, Jacks and Alexander (stepson wife and baby) having booked their tickets from Sydney and will be arriving in London on 27th March and they are coming to live with us for as long as they want to.  After 11 years away – how amazing is that!

Back to work – Christmas wasn’t too bad – not like the good old days but we had half a dozen or so group bookings, which hadn’t really happened for the last 3 years.  They included a booking from Sternberg Clarke for Prince (Gunar) Kylie (Kirstie) Beyonce (Rachael) and Madonna (Lisa) which was great – main problem was that it was at The Belfry and involved a lot of travel for all of them and a lot of stress for us.  At least it was a Wednesday rather than a Friday – normally December Fridays are historically just the worst for our stress levels. 

Saturday 3rd December gave us our first real Christmas headache.  Paul Richie (Elvis) had been booked for ages to do a long complicated gig – starting on a Thames boat with the client from Central London and then welcoming and chatting to the guests on the way to The Greenwich Yacht Club where the party was to be held and he would perform later in the evening. (Having already had to set up in the Yacht Club before travelling back into London to pick up the boat – long and complicated).  Paul rang me at 3.30a.m. on the Saturday morning crying off because of a tummy bug. Luckily, oh so luckily, for us Darren Alboni stepped into the breach and on to the boat for us, and the job was saved.  This took all morning to resolve and I just about recovered when at around 4pm I get a message from the client for our evening job, a lovely birthday event at the Savoy, that Ian Beyts (Churchill) had also contracted this bug and couldn’t make it.  Client insisted he was replaced with somebody that would fit in with Jim Chadwick (Sinatra) Pauline Bailey (Marilyn) and Frank Terry (Chaplin) and wonder of wonders Beverley Stone (Audrey Hepburn) raced there and was ready to join the others by 6.45.  Saved again – horrendous day hopefully never to be repeated.

Luckily we had a smoother ride through December after this shaky start:  Jeremy was used as Dickens for the opening reconstruction sequence of the BBC’s Dicken’s Season.  Mark Myers – the greatest Steve McQueen was visiting his 90 yr. old Mum in Finchley for a couple of weeks from his home in Canada and was able to take part in the Motor Bike Show at the NEC for Firebox – I should check and see if they used the pictures on their website.  Paul Carter – our Brucie – took part in a ‘Strictly’ themed event for Reading Borough Council orgnaised for the old and disabled.  Darren Knight as David Cameron did a photoshoot for the Daily Mail – yet to appear still keeping our eyes open. 

Patricia Ford  (The Queen) did 2 jobs for us in December – one in Edinburgh (quite a trek for her) a 60th Birthday celebration and the other in Sheffield – an appearance on ‘The Restaurant Inspector’.  Patricia is the only person I know that actually reads my blog – so I always feel that I am writing it for her which makes me very careful with my grammar and spelling knowing what her she does in her other life!

Lina Sands (Angelina) has been pretty busy for us and in general to put it mildly.  The little Youtube clip/interview that I did with her a couple of years ago now, has gone International creating enormous amounts of interest Worldwide.  She now has 712,247 hits – far and away more than the others on our channel – well done Lina!  On the back of this renewed publicity for her she had a trip to Bucharest in Romania for a VIP evening in a nightclub.   She also did a corporate PA at the Mayfair Hotel in London, this was with Sam Brown (Brad).  This job came through Garston Entertainments who also booked Mark Beauchamp as Harry Hill last week – always pleased to get jobs in January – historically a struggle and only made worse by the Recession except last year which was different to all previous years because of THE ROYAL WEDDING.   Another job last week was a photoshoot for The Sun using a new Kate to us Jacqui Adams celebrating Kate’s 30th Birthday.

So far January has been tricky – we spent most of last week working on providing Lookalikes of the new judges for The Voice – Tom Jones, Danny O’Donoghue – The Script,  Will.I.Am – Black Eyed Peas and finally Jessie J – not an easy task and then after days of struggle they decided they only needed ‘doubles’ which is a whole different ball game and fee!  Doesn’t matter what the doubles look like just need to have same dimensions.  So that was that – all in vain sadly – but a good exercise, I suppose, and we will be prepared next time.

Onwards and Upwards……………………………………………………………………………………