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This is the longest gap between blogs since I began this chore – I understand this is partly due to my holiday (hurray) from which I came back renewed, but mainly due to our work load. We are still struggling to understand the reason for more corporate entertainment bookings since May, when we are still hearing nothing but doom and gloom on the financial state of the country and indeed the world.  Is it just that people are just fed up with the situation and want to be cheered up and have a bit of fun and so, are we lucky that lookalikes can be slotted into an event for a relatively modest amount of money and just give a conference, exhibition or awards dinner an injection of ‘fun’? You tell me. I am only whispering, if I speak too loudly I believe it will all disappear again. Let’s see how things pan out and this week with the financial crisis looming even larger it could be a real test.  I will report in a month’s time – I honestly don’t know what will happen – does anyone?

August was frantic with Alison Jackson’s book (2nd this year) which was all shot with what was to be a two week time frame and then was stretched a little to three. Watch out for her new book at Christmas.  She used the usual suspects Cameron (Rob), Obama (Ivan Hutchinson), Cheryl Cole (Halima Moin), Simon Cowell (Andy Monk), Katie Price (Faye Bray) and fresh from the Navy Alex Reid (Sam Woodin), Pippa and Harry (Sarah Carrington and Elliot Gibson), Galliano (Gunner B), Kate Moss’s Wedding etc… We have not seen anything as yet but since the beginning of September her Fake Takes have been appearing each week in the Sunday Times Supplement.  Take a look.

We also have been struggling for weeks to send Alex Ferguson (David B)  to south Korea for a fast food commercial, sounds simple – but was pretty much a nightmare with the first contender Paul Coyle unable to fly that far due to ill health and then the whole visa application was very drawn out and it was lucky that David is within reach of London and we are based here otherwise it would just be uneconomic to have taken on the job at all. Anyway David should be back in the UK today so hopefully all was good. We have also another possible job for them in the pipeline, not sure if Helena and I can face the rigmarole.

Other jobs have included  a nice week of work for Touch radio at South Staffordshire College campuses’ open days. New people – Tinie Tempah (Michael O), Lady Gaga (Deedee), Simon Cowell (Andy M), and Cheryl Cole (Halima). Sternberg Clarke booked the fab Angelina Jolie (Lina Sands) and George Clooney (Parviz – also fabulous) for a Thames boat party. Jeannette Charles worked for Children’s BBC – 83 years old and still fighting fit in mind and body. Kenny Rogers (Mac D) Did a  job at the O2 Center, there have also been a few  groups at other corporate events (quite a turn up for the books after the past lean years) Capt.Jack (Adam Collier) Marilyn (Pauline Bailey)  and Angelina in Milton Keynes Horwood House, then Marilyn (Suzie) and  Charlie Chaplin (Frank Terry)  together for Champions  plus  2  jobs this evening in Park Lane – Captain Jack and Marilyn at the Hilton for the Forecourt Traders awards  and Mary Reynolds (The Queen) at Grosvenor House.

Again this week we were certainly  busy with five Lookalikes for a party for EDF (French) Employees at Fabric in London one of the most unlucky jobs, but it was a good job for us and one we just couldn’t allow to go wrong, so with a lot of stress we managed to replace the artists that let us down with alternatives of the same characters, all went well in the end. I’m not sure that lookalikes are aware how almost impossible it is for us when we have sold a certain lookalike and we do sell an actual named lookalike rather than just a generic character, to replace them. Clients can so easily lose confidence in us – we are the ones to lose credibility rather than the lookalikes responsible.  The final 5 were  Esther Adams (Posh) Captain Beaney (Bono) John Kerr (George Michael) and Kate and Wills Andy and Jodie.  Phew!!