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I really expected the weeks since the Royal Wedding to be back to the ‘Bad Old Days’ of the Recession but in fact  – lets be positive here  – its been so much better than that.  I did feel quite pessimistic with the thought of Summer nearly upon us plus the new policy of Fake Faces i.e. for a yearly fee handing job enquiries directly to the artiste to negotiate themselves.  Is this to be the way forward for all of us?  Is that what people want to do now – research lookalikes on the internet themselves and bypass agents completely? I could see that this would be popular with the main ‘core’ of lookalikes but for me a nightmare.  From the increase in enquiries recently it would seem that for many people the answer is ‘No’ that’s not what they want.  Maybe this is Ok for somebody who just needs a one off party character for an anniversary, birthday or whatever but not so good when you have an unusual person to find, or worse still a long list of unusual people to find – quite a daunting task for anybody including us!  So we are still soldiering on.

We have had a few  Kate and William jobs – a second nice corporate event for Simon and Collette from Brian Rowan and Steven Randolph had Mary Reynolds (The Queen) pouring tea for a Spanish group of visitors at The Lanesborough while they learnt the finer points of British etiquette from  Royal Butlers.  Nice idea, hope there are more like that.  At this moment Andy (William) and Collette (Kate) are just returning from a 4 day trip to a Chicago exhibition.  Our main Williams and Kates have in fact found it hard to take time off from their day jobs since the wedding having pushed their employers to their limits in the run up to April 29th.  Added to this Simon (William) having won the Easyjet William Lookalike competition is making full use of his year of free flights particularly as he is an Aussie and loves to travel.  There have been other editorial jobs  with Collette and Jodie for’ The Daily Mail’ and ‘The Mirror’ (copying the dress) and Andy Walker in the red wedding uniform attended a ‘Mail on Sunday’ leaving party.  Plus, since the wedding,  its all been about  Pippa she has come to the fore (or maybe aft ).  We struggled a bit as nobody asked for her prior to the wedding nor had we looked carefully at her – thinking she was a carbon copy of her sister.  But not at all and Kate Bevan (Kate Middleton) stepped in to do a job as Pippa for Debenhams and since then Sarah Carrington has come to us as Pippa and she looks great.  We have also had more enquiries for the other stars of the wedding i.e. The Beckhams  since then obviously as were reminded on that day just how great they both look.

Following on to this Posh – (Gill Penny) accompanied not by her David but by another David (Byrne as Del Boy) went to Majorca for a party.  Polly Hendricks went to Liverpool for a hair colour exhibition representing the older( grey haired – difficult to find these days ) women as ‘M’ ie. Judy Dench.  A Nottingham Fun Day booked Mike Coates as Fabio Capello to give the day a surprise element.  We had a long drawn out negotiation with an Israeli film company who – in the end – booked the fabulous John Lashley as ‘Mr. T’ for an Israeli food product commercial but US passport slow renewal almost put paid to it for us.  But it was done and they loved him.  Plus one lucky 18 yr. old mega Friends Fan had two surprise guests turn up at her birthday dinner Courtney Cox (Sarah Collinge) and Jennifer Aniston (Hannah Grey)!