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Its Still All About The Wedding

In Uncategorized on March 31, 2011 at 4:31 pm

Lucky us the Worlds’ Press is still on our doorstop daily, building up to April 29th and we can’t really believe our luck.  Pretty well every call begins with the magic words ‘I’m ringing about your Kates and Williams’.  We are still getting more and more Worldwide based Kates and as the weeks go by we have become more practised at spotting that particular Kate ‘look’ which doesn’t mean just having long dark slightly layered hair and a blue dress.  Its trickier than we thought when this whole roller coaster journey to the altar began back in November.  We are still struggling somewhat with the Williams but we were lucky to find Simon and Andy when we did.  If you check out our website you will see that the fantastic Times journalist Caitlin Moran has joined our Koterie of Kates this week after her appearance in and on the cover of last Saturday’s ‘Times Magazine.

Involved in our pre-wedding media frenzy have been Simon W on both Channels 9 and 10 Australian TV (he was the frontrunner for these jobs as he is Australian) and fought for the opportunity to be seen by one and all back home and show them what he has been up to in his spare time while working in London.

He also went to Norway with Collette Mullarkey for an article for Norwegian magazine ‘Se Og Hor’ while Jodie and Andy had a trip to Germany for Proseiben. We had a visit from CBS Inside Edition Correspondent Les Trent showing us just how slick US TV is.  We had 5 Kates and 1 William here for him to film and interview and I think they were happy – I wonder if it has appeared.  Thank you to Jodie Bredo, Olivia Glynne Jones, Charlotte Johnson, Elaine S and Victoria Shewell and Phil Fisher for turning up and taking it all in good part.

William Andy W, Kate Jodie B and  Harry Elliott G had a trip to the races which was almost a disaster with Harry at Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse and the other 2 at Chester Racecourse.  A postcode mix up that almost gave me a heart attack last Saturday morning.  But all was well and the day for The Tote was a success.

Another job which made a change from the Wedding was a German shoot here in London using Prince Charles Peter Hugo and the Queen Mary Reynolds for an internal video shoot for ‘Mini’.  It involved a fantastic Rolls Royce which parked outside our studio before and after the shoot and definitely raised our profile with our neighbours here in Finsbury Park.

Although Corporate Entertainment is still thin on the ground Mary Reynolds (The Queen)  in fact all the Queens,  are still in demand and Mary has just attended a function for Credit Suisse at Tate Britain.  So a certain type of event still carries on thank goodness. I’m still dreading April 29th and the end of the good times and back to pre-engagement gloom and lack of work.  Maybe the fact that Westminster has ruled that Corporate Entertainment is exempt from the Bribery Act will improve matters.

Its nearly April Fools Day  – watch out, watch out there are Lookalikes about.  Keep your eyes open.