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The Kate & William Show Rolls On

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Its been a while since I last reported on our progress – basically because its been more of the same – in fact – more and more and more of the same.  Extraordinary that the response around the world to the Royal engagement and fast approaching wedding, basically has reached a state of hysteria.  Strangely enough this statement is true, I would say, everywhere but here in the UK.  We have seen various stories in the press and here in London there are souvenirs in the shops but I don’t think we are in any way hysterical.

The angle at first was just the announcement and now, of course, we have moved on to :-  what will the dress be like, who will design it, will it be a ‘Big Gypsy Wedding Dress’ (both The Daily Mail and The Sun did this story with Jodie Bredoe and Kate Bevan respectively – how fabulous was that), how will Kate have her hair, make-up, nails, what sort of veil (or no veil) tiara, who will design the dress, who will design the going away outfit, what will the eat at the wedding breakfast, where will they go for the honeymoon.  The list is endless.  Even dressing up one very high profile columnist as ‘Kate’ accompanied by Andy Walker as William and Elliott Gibson as Harry.  Still to appear – fingers crossed that it will.  As an Agency we even did a clip of BBC London News which brought us in another flood of new Williams and Kates.

Now we are in Round 2  with many of the TV networks, radio interviews, newspapers, magazines coming back for an update before the day of days – April 29th – dawns.  Even now the week of the wedding is looking like Christmas of old where we are trying to fit all the enquiries in like a jigsaw puzzle so that the main Lookalikes and us, of course, can optimise their earning potential while its on offer because who knows what May and onwards will bring?  Methinks the bandwagon will come to a stop after the wedding or is Kate the new ‘Diana’ and the circus will never stop?  So far basically the real Kate has not been seen since the engagement and we presume the couple are tucked away in Anglesey, so much so that the Press has to make do with lookalikes.  Great!  39 Kates and something like 10 Williams in this country (many more abroad strangely) and counting.

Last week we had a nice change a job for the Museum of London who booked Bono (Andy Barker) Boy George (Jason Watkins) Lily Allen (Bonnie Trevitt) and David Bowie (Laurence Bolwell) for a photoshoot in areas of London that they are associated with.  Nice one.