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Thank you William and Kate

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Well for us the Royal engagement has taken the place of Christmas this year in the wacky world of Lookalikes! From the moment the news of the engagement broke we have been inundated from all sides.  It all began with just Kates and Williams but now has spread – in the second wave as it were – to the whole Royal Family.  At the last count we have 28 Kates but far, far fewer Williams, the main contenders being Marc Rattigan who has been doing William since his early teens and is now a family man with 2 small children and  the new boy on the block is Andy Walker who has really taken to his new (part time) career.  So far most of the work has been for the media which has included articles for Closer (with an exclusivity clause for Jodie Bredo and Marc from the engagement up to the end of November) Best, Woman’s Own, Now and Brides magazines.  The US TV stations have also gone mad for the feel good story in the midst of gloom.  Jodie and Andy did a nice piece for The Early Show – CBS – and were interviewed by Amanda Holden (I managed to muscle in on that) and whilst standing outside Westminster Abbey who should pass by and greet Amanda but Lord Sugar – how good was that.  For me very good – seeing and ticking off  celebrities in the flesh is important in my world).  NBC interviewed Jodie a while ago in readiness for the moment, and then last week also interviewed Mary Reynolds (The Queen).  Alison Jackson was busy this weekend working her magic for another British magazine (still a secret) involving all the Royal Family including Fergie (Tessa Dale who flew in at the last minute from Venice, airports had opened again on Friday, where she is based).  Don’t know how it went as yet but for me normally no news is good news.

Last week was made almost unbearable because of the weather – poor Paul Carter (Brucie) managed to get himself to Manchester to help in a Quit Smoking Game Show launched by Manchester City Council where he joined Samia Smith (Maria)  from Corrie.  He also cheered up a call centre in Milton Keynes the week before.  Brucie is fast catching up Captain Jack as the most popular lookalike of the year.  A couple of weeks ago we had a surprise request for a Kate Bush tribute  (Linzi Hunter) to sing at the wrap party for the new film of ‘Wuthering Heights’.  It was 1995 when she was on Stars in Their Eyes as Kate – and well done to Linzi she dusted off her backing tracks and trecked to North Yorkshire.  She has continued singing since then as herself – as the requests for Kate Bush faded away.

Also this week finally the charity ‘The Willow Foundation’ had a special evening at Brocket Hall.  This had been one of the most long drawn out and problematic jobs we have ever had.  Originally is was a private job for Maxine Barrie which was cancelled due to the volcanic ash. (yes that long ago) it was then re-booked and cancelled again due to a very sad death in the Client’s family.  Finally it was booked again for 2nd December and the performance donated to the Willow Foundation but horror of horrors Maxine Barrie the Queen of tributes and the very first lady to win Stars in Their Eyes had still not recovered sufficiently from her hip replacement and ordered not to perform by her surgeon.  Thankfully David Alacey and his Rat Pack stepped in to save the day – again I have not heard how the evening went but hopefully enough people were able to brave the snow to make it a  successful evening for the charity and that Rory Bremner who was also performing made it there.  We will no doubt hear next week.

Other bits and pieces included 3 Jack Nicholsons appearing in a new film called ‘Jack Powder’ which is strange because, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, Oli Kellett the photographer shot 4 Jacks together in our studio just recently for a portfolio project and the Jacks enjoyed meeting each other and then were happy to take part in this film.  Wouldn’t have been the same if the request was for Marilyns or Queens!