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Not a good October – just scraped through

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2010 at 3:06 pm

Now its the end of October – the cuts have been announced and as yet we have seen no change from the difficult and quiet September/October we have had.  Of course the perrennial problem of half term which seems to stretch across the majority of October hasn’t helped.  And what of Christmas?  You may well ask ‘What Christmas’?  The corporate Christmas of old does not look as though it is coming our way yet again this year – well so far anyway.  I expect we will pick up jobs for individual ‘favourite’ party lookalikes – Marilyn, Captain Jack etc. but extravagant  ‘theming’ is not yet back on the menu.  Predictably.

Luckily for us the whole World is out there and on that score we have been luckier and we have just sent Lee Jackson (Elvis) and Lisa McCheyne (Madonna) to a shopping Mall – Smart Village – in Cairo.  Marilyns have been busy both here and abroad – people are still having birthdays of all ages and wanting to have a ‘breathy’ Happy Birthday sung to them.  These jobs have been done very ably by Pauline Bailey and Arianna Power while in Germany Suzie Kennedy is fulfilling her ‘Legends’ contract.  Paul Carter as Bruce Forsyth hosted (predictably) a Strictly party with another one in the pipeline.  Mary Reynolds (The Queen) – always busy – went to Paris for Microsoft.  It has also been a bit of a conference month – I feel quite hopeful now  that I have written it – Pauline Bailey (Marilyn) paired with Charlie Chaplin (Frank Terry) and the Digital Paparazzi at one and with Captain Jack (Spencer Smith) at another hosted by Paul Ross for Deloittes.

Pauline B also did a promotion for a corporate Lookalikes competition paired this time with Shenton Dixon as (Stevie Wonder).  It would seem that it is the financial sector that is showing some form of recovery – well what a surprise!  Donald Standen worked for a big National newspaper at a leaving party while Ray Johnson (Elton John) was used on ‘ The Idiots Awards show’ not show if it has aired as yet.

Alison Jackson is back shooting videos for The Times online – but in fact shot a still of Ed and David Milliband after Ed’s triumph.  She was then shooting this last weekend with who else but Cheryl Cole (Halima Moin) but I think that was for a charity and again was a still.

So maybe things haven’t been that bad – but just working day to day which is stressful – no long lead in confirmed contracts so that we can relax a little.  Website nearly there – could be live within the coming week!!