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With August being unexpectedly busy I was hopeful that things were on the up.  It seems not.  Why? Can only believe that the promise of cuts from Mr Cameron and Mr. Clegg is holding everything back.  Clients are holding their breath until they know the full extent of what is instore for us whether it be in the public or private sector and whether once they are out in the open it will restore life, in some part, to corporate entertainment or sound its death knell for some time to come.

All I know is that the Lookalike Business is a good barometer for what is happening financially throughout the UK.  Or on the other hand maybe its just a blip and due to the Jewish Holidays or whatever – you tell me!

August finished as it began – well, with a nice group charity booking in Lincolnshire.  It was organised by a couple who had dipped their toes in the water in 2009 at their Mama Mia themed wedding and had booked Caroline Bernstein as Julie Walters.  They had enjoyed the experience so much they decided to book 5 Lookalikes for their first wedding anniversary – Sue Bradbury as Patsy, Caroline and Daithi as Ozzy and Sharon, Paul Mansley as Beckham and Alan Black doing both Lily Savage and Paul O’Grady.  They managed to raise £12K for Cancer Research – well done to them.

We had 2 more artistes on the new David Walliams and Matt Lucas show – Katie Price (Faye Bray whom people would know from her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent now with dark hair) and Kim Jong Il (KT Cheung).

Caroline and I made a trip to the Eye Fair (Suffolk) for their annual event and to watch fab Spencer Jordan as Buddy Holly and for me to join the other jiving oldies as he belted out those classic tunes from my teenage years.  We heard from the organisers that takings were way down this year.  They blamed it on the weather but I wonder if it isn’t just symptomatic of the times.  Nobody is spending even a tenner on a Funday if they don’t need to.

Gorgeous Donald Standen (young Connery) has been in demand for a second private Saturday party within the space of a month.  PDiddy (Ian Waithe) did his first job for us at a Phones4U conference at Celtic Manor and Gill Penny (Posh) and Ceri Jerome (SJP) took part in an internal video for Aussie Paparazzi man Darren Lyons.

Meantime we struggle on with our new website – it just can’t be much longer can it?  Its a year now since we began.  Hopefully this will be the last time I will write this.

Today seems a little bit more hopeful some quite positive enquiries – so maybe October will be great.


Possibly the Best August Ever

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Didn’t expect to be writing this in 2010 but I think it is true.  August for us has always been ‘the’ time for a holiday because work is non-existent.  So this year – although I say ‘best August ever’ it isn’t as good as it sounds because in normal non-recession times there have been years with no work at all while this year we have had some jobs. I’m not complaining but the beginning of September is not looking too good but one syptom of the Recession is the short lead in time of jobs – which gives us added pressure.  Mainly because the majority of our artistes have permanent jobs.

Its been an interesting month anyway, Alison Jackson continued with her Times Online topical videos.  Paul Ashworth (Mick Jagger) at 65 (bus pass etc.) and Lindsay Lohan (Elle McNamara) predicably in prison being fed drugs and vodka through the bars of the cell.  Have not heard from Alison for 3 weeks now – maybe her Contract is finished or maybe its just a summer break.

Closer Magazine did an article on Katy Perry and Russell Brand (Victoria Evans and Joe Davis).  First time we had used him – looks great and now we hear he’s emigrating to Australia in a couple of weeks time.  Hate that.  Big Brother Little Brother – used quite a new Simon Cowell (Kieron O’Donoghue).  Only Big Brother thing we have done on this ‘last’ series except for the fact that Chantelle (Paris Hilton Lookalike originally) is back in the House.

Edward Scott (super Lionel Richie) doubled for him on the new Walkers Crisps ad. which is just appearing.  Simon Newton (Captain Jack) will be on the Impressions Show for the BBC.  Dean Taylor (in the guise of Fabio Capello) shot a commercial for The Sun while ‘The One Show used Paul Mansley (Mr. Beckham) on a piece about him on the day Fabio made his ‘comment’.  While Ann Davies (Princess Anne) will hopefully appear on the new David Williams and Matt Lucas show.  All good stuff showing that there is replacement work for lack of corporate events – thank goodness.

We had a couple of  ‘normal’ jobs Arianna and Spencer Smith (Marilyn and Captain Jack) worked on T-Mobile’s promotion ‘Big Night In at their Chelmsford shop.  While Graham Parker (Kevin Spacey) shot an internal corporate video for Watermark Products.  Samantha Woolnough (JLo) did well at a City evening meet and greet.  All very positive you have to admit.

There have also been a couple of other interesting ‘new ideas’.  Martine Dibley (Dawn French) presided at a renewal of a couples wedding vows – funny – hope it becomes popular.  We also have been involved in a project  for a photographer – Oli Kellett- who wants to do a series of shots for his portfolio using more than one lookalike of the same character shot seperately, in a similar pose, similar expression and similar outfit.  Then the images are put side by side making the viewer take a double-take as it were.  He  started with Jack Nicholsons –  Aklan Hucklesby, Andrew Dunning, John Barley and Meyrick Sheen.  The outcome is very interesting.  The lookalikes worked just for expenses and for the pleasure of working here in our studio and the chance to meet each other.  Oli hopes to shoot Angelina Jolies next time, providing they don’t mind being shot alongside others.  Women lookalikes do not like this while blokes like to meet each other.  Interesting.

Roll on September.