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Thank you Alison Jackson

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 at 1:12 pm

May 6th seems a long way away already and we seem to have settled into a coalition government.  Have we noticed any difference workwise – the answer is ‘yes’ in a good way.  There has been much talk of swingeing cuts but that have been qualified by ‘in the Public Sector’ and for once  we can say – that shouldn’t affect us much.  Most of our work (when it existed properly) did come from the private sector either private individuals wanting to celebrate or businesses that are thriving, despite all odds.  We haven’t had long enough to judge as yet but we have had a confirmed Christmas corporate booking like the golden olden days before the recession.  But on the other hand the job for Beckham for the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has been dropped.

Alison Jackson is keeping herself, and consequently us, very busy basically for the Times Online swapping from politicians as May wore on to Fergie, William and Kate and footballers galore.  All a struggle, all last minute (obviously as all shots have to be topical)  and pushing us. as always, to the end of our old tethers. But despite it all we still want to be involved with Alison’s work as she is still the best ambassador for Lookalikes.

We haven’t done as well (as yet) out of the World Cup as we would have hoped.  Perhaps there is still time but that thought is not based on last Friday’s performance agains the USA.  The Beckhams i.e David not Posh – are busy but they mostly get their work direct interspersed with a few hard fought Agent jobs.

Jeannette Charles’s Nike commercial knighting Rooney (Paul Norman stand in) in Manchester Cathedral is now on air and looks great.  They had 3 attempts at shooting it as Rooney was only available on the 3rd attempt.  The Carlsberg commercial that was shot using  Michael McElhinney as Fabio Capello where they were going to use the Lookalike as if he was the real one didn’t happen i.e. they did use the real one although the Lookalike was shot as well.  So far – Malcolm Goth (Collina) has done one job we were not sure whether people would want him this World Cup as they have in the past when he did appear in Fantasy Football every day, but anything is better than nothing.

SJP – Jemima Slade is in the Caribbean as we speak for Orange.  Clayton Mark (Elvis) and Arianna (Marilyn) had a speedy trip to Cairo for a shopping promotion – very nice thank you very much. While Jaime Wright – Christiano Ronaldo – made it to Greece despite BA.

Basically its a day to day scenario.  We begin the week with one confirmed job – this week Paul Mansley (Beckham) is at the Excel Centre and with Alison Jackson coming in with more football stuff for the Times Online we will finish the week with a handful of jobs rather than the one which was booked longterm.  There is definately a buzz around rather than those deadly early 2009 months.  Our website is nearly up and running – really it is in our hands now having had a lesson from Adam Shallcross who has built it for us.  That was a week ago somehow and we need to put our newly acquired knowledge into action soon before we have all forgotten it – particularly me who struggles with the IT side of things being of a different generation.  To all of you waiting for us to put you on our website – won’t be long now.  Famous last words.