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Thank Goodness for The Election and the World Cup

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2010 at 5:24 pm

Well these last couple weeks we have emerged from what was a month of playing a ‘waiting game’. ( Firstly the Budget, then the end of the Financial Year and in 3 days time days time THE ELECTION – may the best man win who will bring forth business ( are my sentiments). 

But there have been benefits with the imminence of both The Election and the World Cup.  Their influence has trickled down to our level and Lookalikes of Cameron and Brown and it would be Clegg (we don’t have one where are you all it might soon be too late or he will be the most in demand lookalike after the Election  so get in touch you Lookalikey Cleggy guys NOW)  plus Capello and every footballer known to me (not a football fan) but I am learning fast.  But it would seem that all those that we do have lookalikes of are being knocked out one by one as the ‘real’ footballer is injured or committing adultery etc.

The political jobs have been mainly PR stunts plus Alison Jackson has also been busy on this front.  We have only really been involved in  her recent work with providing Tony Blair – the brilliant John Brolly who has come out of his enforced retirement. Plus she has done a documentary using Churchill – Ian Beyts for the BBC.  Had a good job for Michael McElhiney as Fabio where they have actually used him as the ‘real’ Capello’ with the permission of the FA which is a first for us.  We even have a doubling job for Alan Shearer ( it has been postponed and is still to be actually shot) but fingers crossed we will manage to drag Chris Maynard out of retirement as Shearer.  Its many years since he doubled for Shearer on all those McDonalds commercials.

As always its looking as though there just won’t be enough of our World Cup Players to go around for the World Cup Final day with lots of clients busy pencilling these guys.  But there will be a lot of water under the bridge before then – so who know if we will end up with anything if England goes out early.  The same applies to all bookings – how will things be after May 6th – will we gradually return to those golden pre-recession days or have we got to face more doom and gloom until we are back on our feet.  My gut feeling is that this will be the case but having chatted to Simon Newton at RSVP (normally Captain Jack but on this occasion  Johnny Depp the man and looking great) who told me that I should make my blog much more upbeat – but I have to say it as it is for us – and its been tough.

There have also been a smattering of ‘before the recession’ corporate jobs – a nice Hollywood stars job to go to Guadaloupe and Martinique with 2 French clients competing to win it, something  it would seem, doesn’t normally happen to them over there, while for us it is an everyday occurrence!  A couple of Queenie jobs in London and Manchester (one meeting and greeting 150 German Tupperware saleswomen). Paul Buonacore did a Willy Wonka job in Cardiff. and quite a few enquiries ahead.

So Simon – hopefully I do sound up-beat today but that is because I am – it has been better – lets hope I can repeat those words in a month’s time.