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January 2010 – well we are still here.

In 1 on January 18, 2010 at 2:15 pm

Well its mid January and we are still waiting to do our first job of 2010!  Not a great start – but the one job we had for Maxine Barrie no less, first winner of ‘Stars in Their Eyes’, was postponed due to the client being stuck in Barbados with no idea when he would be granted a flight home.  But the magic word is ‘postponed’ until May.  Which was fine by all of us involved – snow and ice is not a good recipe for turning up on time without fail whatever the odds – which of course  is expected. 

So we had our Christmas break – most of which I used up by having a swine of a cold which waited until New Year’s Day when all my shopping and chopping and wrapping and cleaning and cooking and eating had finished. 

We did manage a few extra jobs at the last minute, thanks mainly to the Concerto Group and we live to fight another day – or hopefully year.

The good news is that enquiries in comparison to this time last year are up 500% – we now just need some confirmations.  But its a start  and it has cheered us through these snowy dark days.  We had a school work experience student here for the first 2 weeks of the year – not the best time to learn about a lookalikes agency – typical school completely out of synch with the real world.

Enquiries include a gaggle of Katie Prices for a job in Manchester: a singing Tom Jones for Cardiff:  Liz Taylor for the Dorchester – where I think they are having quite a few lookalikes, sadly only one from us – its a self promotion evening; possible sporting doubling for Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger which seemed to be a goer but then last week’s weather put paid to anything outdoors ;  a group of historical characters for a very welcome corporate job – 6 or them (my oh my almost like old times); Tony Blair in demand because of the Iraq War enquiry:  Channel 4 after a Jamie Oliver again – but he has work committments – thats Charlie Frame not the real one;  and then  a possible commercial for a Queen (still to be decided) to knight a famous sports personality.  I wonder how many of these will go the distance?  I don’t really mind whether we actually do them its just good to be asked after last year’s drought.  Thats actually not true – we need the money.