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Christmas is Nearly Upon Us

In 1 on December 2, 2009 at 5:59 pm


Well its December  – but no sign of the Christmas season in the Event World – well certainly not in our sector.  Yes possibly we have seen an upturn in enquiries but they are not for UK Christmas parties.  So it looks as though this year is going to end – as it began – badly.

Last week we did have Alison Jackson strutting her stuff – this time for a Christmas spread for You Magazine depicting – ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.  Very difficult to do as very few of the characters actually exist as Lookalikes, so a lot of searching, casting, re-casting, wigs, make-up and prosthetics and photo-shopping before the finished article will appear in the magazine.  We managed to supply Mike Golding as Brucie and Tanya Bates as Alesha and that was our lot.  Three weeks it had taken.  Lets hope the picture is amazing – the money we earned from it, considering the time spent on it, was appalling.

We had a nice shopping centre job for Kevin Spacey last weekend for Olympus – it was Graham Parker’s first job for us, but his clip on You Tube has already brought forth a torrent of favourable comments.

One of the few corporate party jobs that we do have this year is for Debbie Harry – Michelle Hendricks in Cambridge.  Its taken most of the year to finalise and now Michelle’s Mum and Dad are not well and she is needed in Blackburn making it impossible for her to do the job.  Unbelievable how during this year when work is gold dust how many people have let us down after the job is a real goer and contracted.  If I want to be kind I suppose I can see their side of things where they have permanent jobs (which most Lookalikes do have) and instead of grabbing any extra bit of income that comes along they are more wary of hanging on to their proper jobs.

I don’t know how other Agencies are doing but for us it is so thin on the ground and whereas we should have 75 – 100 jobs for December we have, so far, around 10.  But forever optimistic me – there still could be some last minute requests – Lookalikes can add to the festivities without costing an arm and a leg – if you choose wisely.

We have been lucky as far as the studio is concerned, either by Ellis or other hirers which is, perhaps, indicative of the wider world of advertising, marketing etc. being on the up.  Tomorrow we have a film crew shooting a testimonial ad. for the British Heart Foundation hurray.  Ellis has been busy – proving me right once again – that when advertising falls upon hard times the fashion industry still has to promote themselves. Twice a year after Fashion Week they have to show their wares so need phtographs taken.  He has been shooting for some designers just finishing at The Royal College, a new magazine’s front cover using Josh Beech – one of the best British male models at the moment known for his part in the Levis campaign and some advertising shots for a jewellery range.  We sent models for a Gillette commercial – amazing fees (for world wide usage) but sadly not successful this time.  So it goes on – keeping our eyes and options open.

Finally I had my senior moment of all senior moments lets hope– on Sunday night I decided to race off to try to get to see Suzie Kennedy (Marilyn) in a play by Bonnie Greer called ‘Marilyn & Ella’.  I arrived at the Palladium with minutes to spare raced towards the Box Office and was approached by a nice smart guy offering me one ticket (which he told me he had won from a radio ballot).  I was very grateful and on sitting down in the Stalls found that I was about to watch ‘An Evening with Jack Jones’! I should have been at the Apollo.  It was enjoyable though.  Hopefully I will make it there next Sunday