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Still not Picking Up!

In 1 on November 13, 2009 at 6:36 pm

We thought last week it would be full steam ahead for Christmas. Wrong!  Still very quiet and anything that has come in has been discounted almost immediately because of cost.  I know there are certain lookalikes around who are willing to work for nothing, but how can you be an agent providing a service, not getting the fun or ‘buzz’ of actually doing the job, or building up contacts and then not earning anything from it.  Can’t happen.  Back to the same old same old – are Agents outmoded, irrelevant or however you like to put it.  Hope not, I’m going to hang on in there until the bitter end.

We were kept busy with an Alison Jackson casting for a ‘Strictly’ shoot.  Difficult for us, hopefully difficult for our competitors.  We have a few from the current series but no Tess Daley ( as a Lookalike put her next to Vernon Kay and everybody would know who she is) but as a blonde gorgeous girl not easy to differentiate a lookalike from those who look like – Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Chelsy Davy etc.  We only had two candidates for Alesha Dixon and the one Alison preferred  is speeding ahead with her own presenting TV career and so doesn’t want to be seen as a lookalike of somebody else.  We don’t have any of the other male judges but we do have Brucie x 2 – which is something.  Once again, this time with this Alesha Dixon Lookalike, we have a problem with a new lookalike deciding they want to give up before they have actually done a job.  We are classed as an employment agency so we are bound by BERR regulations which insist we have a copy of people’s passports which puts a lot of people off straight away.  I have also found recently people are unwilling to divulge normal personal details – like a postal address and date of birth.  I find it so frustrating and I suppose it is because I lived the majority of my life before data protection became the watchword.

Moan, moan moan, but on the upside there do seem to be a few more enquiries for Christmas.  I read in Event Magazine that clients (eg banks and city traders) are booking under pseudonyms rather than being seen to be spending money on Christmas parties and in fact I did an interview for the Weekend Financial Times about this – but have not seen it yet.  Also we have rented out the studio for the whole of this week for Michael Joseph – my old boss for 20 years – to shoot an Evergood Coffee campaign – thank you Michael – every little bit helps.

Just trying to be positive and hope that once Christmas is almost upon us – people will be filled with Christmas cheer and decide a Lookalike would cheer everyone up – which they can – and book loads at the last minute. For ever the optimist.  It was my birthday this week and I was amazed how many birthday wishes I had – thanks mainly to Facebook – maybe the recession has given us more time to think and perhaps many of my long term lookalikes have reflected on all the years we have been working together and how good those times were on the whole.  I am sure they will return one of these days.