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Still Slow but thats 2009 for you

In 1 on September 25, 2009 at 3:14 pm

There is some work about – but its quite a struggle somehow and very last minute.  Come back corporate please.  I’m not sure I’m the only person with this plea.  Went to ‘Square Meal’ exhibition this morning and it seemed very busy and bustling but the thought crossed my mind – of others I think as well – that it was busy because the visitors to the show didn’t have any work so were able to visit the exhibition.  Lets hope I’m wrong and only a few more days and Yom Kippur will be over and we will have a clear run – except for Autumn Half Term until Christmas.

I hinted last week that Jeannette Charles had a supersonic job at Wembley on Saturday and yes, you were right, all of you that knew Coldplay were performing their final concert of their massive tour and to thank their crew they asked for ‘Her Majesty’ to present some awards.  Which she did – how fabulous was that. I should have gone, and after watching the South Bank Show on Sunday – I did so wish I had gone.  Another missed opportunity.

As I said we picked up a few bits and pieces along the way this week  – Alison Jackson had a showing of her forthcoming South Bank Show at The Ivy on Wednesday and booked Amy Winehouse – Mary Jane McCurr who had to trek down from Newcastle again – not that she minded.  Sadly Alison wanted an Andy Warhol as well, but our current guy Jamie Tibbett was too young for her.  Don’t know if she found one elsewhere – would be interested – anybody out there looking like the older Warhol, quite an easy ‘dressing up’ character really.  Alison had also shot Ronnie Wood at the end of last week for something or other – Sunday Telegraph I think – but it didn’t appear in last Sunday’s edition so will look again this week.

We also have a photoshoot for the TV Times using John Kerr as George Michael for an obsessed soap cast member – any ideas?  Will give the answer next week – but no prizes.

So you can see the way work is at the moment media rather than corporate entertainment based.  Jeannette Charles also did an article for ‘The Sun’ which should appear some time soon.  Quite a little flurry for her since the Big Brother appearance – not bad to be busy working at 82


September in the Doldrums

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Things are just a bit slower than I would have hoped for.  Maybe it’s the ‘nearly upon us Jewish Holidays’ always puts a bit of a damper on the proceedings in September.  Lets hope so anyway, rather than any double dips or wobbles of the economy.  Every time a statement is made concerning an upturn somebody comes straight back in with the possibility of a downturn of some sort.  Makes it hard to be positive.

We have had a few nice happenings – Jeannette Charles is enjoying the fruits of her appearance on Big Brother and gave her Royal presence to the Boomerang Pet Awards that were held in Regents Park last weekend.  Sadly – unlike Saturday – Sunday was chilly but having popped by myself – saw that a good time was had by all dogs (including corgis) children and Mums and Dads.  She has another high profile award ceremony this coming Saturday at Wembley – top secret for now – I wonder who knows who else will be at Wembley on Saturday 19th September? 

The Peter Andre scenario is done and dusted – thank goodness its over for us we don’t need the stress.  In the end we provided only David Gest and Gok Wan with poor Christiano Ronaldo ( Scott Gillman) being sent home after 6 hrs of waiting as they did not have enough room for him in the line up.  Show Business!

We have had a few new enquiries one being a request for 5 Simon Cowells – should be fun.  My top of the range Elvis job still hanging in the balance.  Didn’t get any Bonds – baddies or goodies for the Rennaisance Heathrow last Saturday – although somebody or bodies did the job we understand.  Just had some requests for Disneyland Paris for December – nice.  Got to see the new Piers Morgan – great, we are sure to get him work as lolong as there is work to give.

Have done a few magazine articles and working on some new ones.  It would seem that our gossip magazines – if they can’t get the real celebrity are more than happy to go with the next best thing – a lookalike. Hurray.

September at last

In 1 on September 8, 2009 at 2:52 pm

A slow start to the week but busied up by the end.  A lot of the week was spent on casting Peter Andre’s for a new pilot show for Endemol who are jumping on his side of the bandwagon whilst (most probably) other channels are baggsying Katie.  They have a small budget but high hopes for a pilot game show and having spent a week trying to organise a couple of Peter Lookalikes for them they landed, us late on Friday, with an enormous list of other improbable lookalikes to get sorted for a casting on Saturday.  Although we have  many thousands of L.Likes on our books what we cannot do is to contact them quickly if we have not been in touch for a while.  In the old days when people kept their phone numbers all their lives – it was fine, now people change their phone numbers on a daily basis so it has become a nightmare.  So we struggled with Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Cruise, Tennant Christiano Ronaldo, Dettori ,the list was endless and we did our best.  But by Monday – they were not wanting Peter Andre any more but would like to turn him into Matt LeBlanc as he had been so great and had pitched up at the casting!

Paul Mansley (Beckham) was working at The Grove on Friday evening and very late in the day on Friday we were sworn to secrecy by the Client that the English Team would be staying there overnight.  Have not heard the outcome – never do.

Another task of my week was to provide a ‘High End’ Elvis for a classy 60th just to sing Happy Birthday.  I thought it was Marilyn who did this but no doubt ‘The King’ must have belted it out for Lisa Marie.

I saw a great Donald Sutherland – whom I did not video – to join our clips on You Tube – because he wanted to perfect his American accent.  Good for him.  My You Tube clips are not very well received by the ‘professional’ lookalikes nor by the general public for the most part – it would seem from their emailed comments.  For me I love the varied collection of brave people that I have about one minute chat with in our office.  I thought it would be interesting for people to see a range of the people we have on our books.  It has turned out that it is basically only new people that are up for it and the tried and tested are wary.  I would love to have all the most popular Lookalikes on there as well. Bring them on – come on in.

As a plus point for You Tube we have a fab possible job in LA for Angelina – Lina Sands – who has accumulated an enormous number of hits as she uses her one minute of You Tube time to unpin her hair, managing to look incredibly sexy and gorgeous as she does it.

Still waiting to meet up with a new Piers Morgan who keeps promising to come in but then has to cancel due to work commitments – not a good start.  But we will be patient and we would really like to have him on our books – not just because he looks good in his pictures – but we don’t have his character at all and good lookalikes are precious and need to be cosseted – unfortunately.