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Green Shoots in August

In 1 on August 27, 2009 at 5:11 pm

August is dragging on – a few jobs this week which is not too bad considering that in a ‘good’ year there is virtually no work in August.

We had a nice but unusual booking last week for Ben – Michael Jackson Lookalike/Soundalike who sang for an hour for just two people.  How romantic is that to book a private concert as the best birthday present in the world for your partner who worships Michael Jackson.  He even made a Michael Jackson film which he projected on the walls of the gallery in Digitaria where Ben performed.  Top Marks this year for the biggest and best romantic gesture.

We have also been working on a possible Spanish commercial where they need a Grace Jones Lookalike.  Always been a tricky one to cast for us.  We have 3 people to offer – one a female impersonator from the US – Diandra (booked him quite recently for a party in Scandinavia) and he went down a storm, then we also offered a transsexual Chelsea  from Sussex, who looks just incredible and thirdly we have a lookalike in London, Elizabeth, who has not done a job as yet nor has the whole make up and wardrobe thing together but she does look very like Grace Jones just as she is as it were..  Now that we have sourced and met up with these guys – its actually gone quite quiet on the Spanish client front – so maybe all the research is, yet again, to no avail.  Will update next week one way or another.

We are struggling with some Peter Andre’s (inevitable really) for Channel 4, have had some enquiries for Jeannette Charles since her appearance on Big Brother including 2 internal corporate videos – one of which has already been binned.  Together with a nice idea for a series of Royal Garden Parties – but there you go.

Had a final push to get paid for our Ugly Betty red glasses and I think I am winning at last.  Nice job for Sharon and Ozzy (Caroline and Daithi) for a Bank (is that an indication that green shoots are appearing).  Certainly hope so.


A week in August for a Lookalike Agency

In 1 on August 18, 2009 at 3:36 pm

Last week saw another Alison Jackson shoot – which threw up – as per usual – its fair share of complications.  The artist – Maryjane McCurr (our fabulous Amy Winehouse) lives in Newcastle and is a phsychiatric nurse, and the shoot was to be in Bournemouth, masquerading as the Caribbean or whatever celebrity hotspot, holiday destination. 

 There are flights from Newcastle to Southampton – a good start – but of course the times of the flights did not fit in well with Maryjane’s shifts.  Alison wanted to leave the decision ‘to shoot’ or ‘not to shoot’ until the last moment on Tuesday so she could suss out the weather on Wednesday, but Maryjane had to commit on Monday afternoon to a Course in Bradford  on Tuesday in order to be available for the shoot which could  be Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  Complications did not stop there – in order for Maryjane to catch the 19.00 flight on Tuesday she needed her hair (Amy Winehouse HAIR in capital letters) to be done by Gwen her hairdresser after she got home from the Bradford Course, and as Gwen has a shop the HAIR could not be done until she closed her shop which would be  around 18.00 which would then be too late to catch the last flight to Southampton.  Maryjane has her own added complications – a dog and a daughter needing care while she is away and this needs forward planning, plus sorting her cover for the Wednesday.  Somehow, in the end, she caught the 07.00 flight on Wednesday.

Wednesday dawned OK but was not bright and sunny nor warm.  By the time Maryjane and the bodydouble and all the crew (Alison was covering the stills shoot with film) were ready the Bournemouth beach where they indended to shoot was too crowded.  So a half an hour walk along the beach with the paraphanalia meant that they only started shooting around 15.00.  Two hours later Maryjane had been in and out of the sea, in and out of the sand up to her neck and needing to catch her flight home at 19.00.  The long and short of all this was Maryjane missed her flight and had to stay the night so they could have spent longer on the beach which would have cheered Alison up no end.  Hopefully she did get a usable shot in the end – we will have to wait and see.  Maybe next time they will not trust Bournemouth in August and troop off to ‘Sunny Spain’.

Our other ‘downer’ of the week was Jeannette Charles on Big Brother on Friday as ‘The Queen’.  This was something we suggested to Brighter Pictures a week before that – so when we saw her on TV we were shocked as they did not book her through us.  So unfair particularly as we normally book all Jeannette’s work but she couldn’t ring and tell us and ask why the booking wasn’t coming through us, as she was sworn to secrecy.  Life is not fair particularly at the present time and its August.  Hurry up and be over.

Last week

In 1 on August 5, 2009 at 4:54 pm

I have to resort to last week as this week is rubbish – big upset over a booking for Navi as Michael Jackson.  Navi (Adrian to me) has been around perfecting his Michael Jackson spot for something like 20 years.  He is great and has weathered all the ups and downs of Michael’s ‘turbulent’ life.  Which has brought him to now – and I think he is only now really reaping his just rewards.  He was requested by Rankin – the photographer – for his latest exhibition’s opening night.  Navi had been shot by Rankin in the past and in fact appeared on the cover of ‘Dazed and Confused’ a few years ago – the magazine founded by Rankin.  Navi re-arranged his schedule and waived his fee – asking only for signed prints of the photographs Rankin had shot of him.  Everything was set up – and then on Thursday morning – the day of the opening – Rankin cancelled, for personal reasons that involved his son.  Now I could hardly complain or scream for a cancellation fee as I too had been motivated by my child – Ellis – who as a budding photographer – shoots for ‘Dazed’ whenever asked and the last thing as a Mum I could do was to make waves.  So Navi’s performance will have to wait for another time.  He is now in Jordan briefly returning to the UK before jetting off around the world for the forseeable future.  Good on’yaNavi.

All the other happenings are pretty negative as well.  The big Greek Trade Fair in Athens that was meant to be happening in September for 10 days for 10 Lookalikes or whatever – off.  Basil and Manuel for Berkshire – off – using more local entertainment.  Queen Victoria and Lady in Waiting for the opening of new offices – off.  Kate Moss for Croydon Festival of Fashion (oxymoron?) off.  Posh for 99p store opening not happening for us.  Plus the 2 day, 10-12 Lookalikes for the weekend  Sonisphere Heavy Metal Festival at Knebworth – didn’t happen although we had all 10 Lookalikes on hold up until the end of Friday ringing us for news every 10 minutes.  So it was that sort of week. 

This week is quiet – but maybe thats preferable to having our hopes raised and dashed every day.