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Its the Summer Holidays

In 1 on July 23, 2009 at 10:42 am

A few bits and pieces this week but then for the next 6 weeks, or so, everybody will be away or not at work.  Certainly not booking any events or corporate entertainment – a familiar cry for 2009.  We must just hope that some major media frenzy will occur involving a celebrity that we can provide a great lookalike for and the work will flood in.  Although what could have been better than the death of Michael Jackson which resulted in zilch for us.  So it has to be the right media frenzy.

We had a flurry of excitement at the end of last week which sadly – despite the hard work put in by us here – came to nothing.  We had a request for firstly 10 and then 5 Ugly Betty’s for the launch of a Patricia Field designed pink special edition Diet Coke launch in Selfridges.  We have a couple of U.B’s on our books and the others we felt we could find amongst our 8000 strong database which obviously includes some slightly Latino looking girls (albeit having come to us as different characters i.e Lara Croft and so on).

We sourced red glasses, black fringed wigs, pearl necklaces with”B’ initials a la Anne Boleyn, red ponchos and the piece to resistance – braces. (As you can imagine so difficult – hours of research).  We bought the glasses, we had them couriered to us from Swindon, we bought fake teeth we booked a make up artist, and trecked to the outer reaches of London to buy silver paint that can be painted on to teeth.

Then – Lexis PR the client – changed their minds and pulled it.  Supposedly ‘postponed’  but more likely they felt that as the Ugly Betty Fan Club was at their disposal – they could save money by using the Fan Club, who obviously love to dress up, and it would be much cheaper than a Lookalike agency rate i.e Free! 

But what about our time and our glasses and teeth I say.  Anybody want some Ugly Betty glasses going cheap?


Summer Holidays have arrived

In 1 on July 15, 2009 at 1:18 pm

Last week showed  us that the holidays were well on their way if not actually already here!  At the end of May I predicted that we had a ‘window’ of 6 weeks before the summer hols kicked in – sure enough it was almost to the day and the phone stopped ringing.  Now we just have to batten down the hatches and hang on – somehow – until September.

We also had another disappointment we did not manage to get a commercial for Greece for a Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan Lookalike (I am not confused with these two characters – they wanted Bruce Lee we only had Jackie Chan).  We – and the artiste – were made to jump through lots of hoops, videoing, showing his moves on camera, weekend casting then requesting 9p.m. casting on the following Monday evening (which was not possible) and then ……nothing.  No calls, no emails no nothing, no commercial and nothing to replace it.  This sort of request just highlights how much we can be involved and incur costs and then there is no job and no comeback.   Add this to the number of Lookalike agencies there are – and the fact that the ‘main hard core’ of lookalikes have their own website and get the majority of their work direct – bypassing agents.  So we are back to the same old, same old question – is there a place for Agents these days?  Obviously I believe there is,  as I am still here.

Just to keep our spirits up – now we are hard at work  sorting five Ugly Betty’s for a PR stunt next week.  More later.

Nearly the Weekend

In 1 on July 3, 2009 at 4:41 pm

Yet another week overshadowed by a lookalike pulling out on us at the last moment.  This time it was the turn of Jamie Oliver – Greg Endean – great lookalike. Channel 4 were trying to get together 5 ‘Jamies’ to make up a well known gay singing  group and we were able to offer them 2  – or so we thought.  But at least Charlie Frame soldiered on and did the job.  Watch out for it.

Posh and Becks – Andy and Camilla on GMTV today and Lorna Bliss as Britney on This Morning – neither through us unfortunately.  A sign of the times in more ways than one.  The number of Lookalikes with their own websites increases daily, making it harder than ever for agents to make a living.  I know I’m biased but I do think that using an agent still has its purpose – still people want a recommendation.  It is a ‘minefield’ out there now so that any Tom Jones, Dick Van Dyke or Prince Harry can offer themselves for work without any idea of what is expected from a professional Lookalike.  My second point re using Lookalikes on TV in these beleaguered times is that it is way cheaper than the real thing.