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Quite a Week is that good or bad?

In 1 on June 29, 2009 at 3:25 pm

First part of last week completely taken up with booking 2 footballers Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabrigas urgently needed to fly to Johannesburg for a TV commercial on Friday.  Its been quite some time since we had used Thierry – I suppose since he left Arsenal.  Trying to locate Lookalikes immediately after a lapse of a year or so is always a problem.  We have ten to twelve Thierrys on our books (but only one Fabrigas).  In my early days I had much less problem getting in touch with people after a while.  The reason being – firstly most of the people I deal with don’t have landlines anymore and secondly telegrams for urgent messages have ceased to exist.  Although I have peoples email addresses – like mobile phones – people change them as often as changing their socks.

The first Thierry Henry we were looking for was Jason Bennett – whom we had used in the past on more than one occasion – and within a few hours of searching (thanks to Facebook) learnt that he had sadly died 18 months or so ago.  After this we searched the rest of the Thierrys by frantically ringing non-existent mobiles or the odd discontinued landline, ringing supposedly long term Mum’s or Dad’s numbers and resorting to putting notes in the post which is often still our only hope.  This eventually, at the end of Monday, brought us one Thierry Henry – Marvin Downer.  The client liked him and confirmed him from his pictures on the spot.  Great – mission accomplished you would think – but no, this is the wonderful whacky world of lookalikes.  From the moment Marvin was told the job was confirmed and he agreed to travel to South Africa – sounding thrilled – he disappeared from us, up to this minute never to be heard of again. Marvin – where are you?  Please just let us know what happened to you?  Gone was the client’s hope of their Thierry Henry and gone was our commission.  That wasn’t quite the end of the story because we were still hunting down Fabrigas.  This involved me driving to a block of flats near Lords Cricket Ground on Monday evening after the office closed, persuading somebody in his block to let me in so I could leave a note for him as he wasn’t in – at that moment, or would he ever be in?  I didn’t know.  In fact he rang me a couple of hours later – lovely guy Roben Shaswar, he went first thing the next morning  to see the client in Brick Lane – she loved him – job on, great.  But again not quite on – within a few hours the real Fabrigas dropped out of the project – so no need for a Lookalike.  Two days spent nothing achieved – except we would now know how to put our fingers on 10 Thierry Henris at a drop of a hat. Result!


Hectic sort of week – which is good

In 1 on June 19, 2009 at 1:24 pm

Really up and down – definitely more enquiries.  Whether because there is a slight easing in the financial situation or

whether the unearthing of our old domain name – which unknowingly had lapsed – we are nearly back to our rightful place  i.e on page 1 on Google.  Thank you Google.

We had one of our nightmare scenarios on Wednesday when Sam Brown (Brad Pitt) pulled out on the day of a job in Bournemouth due to family (Dad) problems.  Luckily for us the event was at the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth and one of our best Hollywood people – Frank Powell as Hannibal lives there and seamlessly took Sam’s place.

Evelyn Brink – Madonna from the ‘One and Only’ eventually went to Bremen on Wednesday for Blackberry and fingers crossed as we have not heard anything – which is normally a good thing, all went well.  Clients ring soon enough if things go wrong.

Lucky to get some work from Alison Jackson – queen of the Lookalike spoof risque film and photography.  This time I think it has been for her own blog and she used Andy Monk as Simon Cowell and the Queen – Mary Reynolds.  Alison has her own favourite Lookalikes that she uses over and over again.  Lucky for them and lucky for us.

We have a re-run of the Gazza job that was cancelled due to the real Gazza pulling out at the last minute and week or so ago.  This time it is to be at The Masters football match on Saturday.  Fingers crossed for that one.

Jeannette Charles – The Queen – still the most famous of all Lookalikes, most probably  basically the first real Lookalike – is back from a long break in Cyprus where her daughter lives and is working at an Essex wedding on Saturday.  Adding best wishes from The Queen herself what could be better than that.  She is the same age as the Queen and looking great.  We are often reminded of her when we see her on yet another rerun  of her fabulous ‘Naked Gun’ sequence.  Her finest hour.

Some lucky husband in Kent had the gorgeous Kirsty Barton Grimley – Kylie – booked for a birthday treat by his wife. Plus we had Angelina and JLo working at BAFTA in Piccadilly – one of the best venues for Hollywood themed lookalikes – Lina Sands and Juliette Samuels did them proud.

So perhaps the most ‘normal’ week we have had all year.  Long may it continue but I fear the Summer Holidays are fast approaching and that will be the end of that until September – unless some miracle happens.

A Mixed Week

In 1 on June 12, 2009 at 12:45 pm

A mixed week – not helped by the tube strike – a nightmare for most Londoners.  Luckily (or unluckily)  we had no work over those 2 days.

Ellis seems to have reached the end of a busy patch shooting Look Books for various graduating fashion designers that included – Will Green, Matthew Grant, Kiko and Fran & Jess.  Good luck to all of them. Piccies look good.

Lookalike  jobs have been pretty varied – finally  ‘Rambo’ did his wedding in Shropshire and tomorrow for a 50th Birthday in London we have the lovely Joanna Berns as Cher – with ‘Turn Back Time’ of course.

Then yesterday we got a last minute job for this Saturday – a new concept for us – a group of 8 women coming to London from Monte Carlo for a 40th Birthday Treasure Hunt with Richard Gere (Derek Rowe) Patricia Ford (Queen) The and Hugh Grant (John Roderick) giving out the clues.

Also had some fraught activity on the Christiano Ronaldo front yesterday with his £80Million transfer news but it fizzled out due to lack of funds – the enquiry came from the BBC.  Possibly will use him on Radio5 Live today.  Miniscule budget.  Jaime Wright is the Ronaldo we are using for it.

Half Term is over hurray! Just 6 weeks to go before the Summer Holidays !

In 1 on June 1, 2009 at 3:27 pm

Well Half Term and 2 Bank Holidays are over – thank goodness.   We should now have a clear run of a whole 6 weeks before the Summer Holidays of a similar length  kick in – and wipe out any profit that we might have made in the previous 6 weeks.  Such is the plight of a Lookalikes Agency being dependent on Corporate Entertainment for our livelihood,  But lets be optimistic and maybe this year will be better – not something I am betting on mind you.

Couple of budget jobs on the horizon.  One for the new Graham Norton Saturday show on the BBC.  They are looking for a few Lionel Richies but then decided they had no budget to cover one.  Edward Scott still holding on in there and hopefully will end up with the job.

We did have one nice job at the end of Half Term week a Batmizvah at The Dorchester, no less,  who booked Austin Powers (Brian Allanson) Dr. Evil (Mark Beauchamp) and Fat Bastard (Jem Frazer).   All seemed to go well and was enjoyed by all.  Weddings and Barmitzvahs continue through a severe credit crunch – it would seem.  Thank you.

Had a frustrating day (life!) with my computer – lots of Virgin connection problems yet again.  Still not where we should be on Google but the discovery that our alternative domain name name – had lapsed may just return us to our rightful place.  The final aggravation was that the software for my gorgeous and much loved Flip camera had to be upgraded and I had to get my poor old brain around a whole new load of instructions just to get 3 new people on YouTube -just when you believe you’ve got the hang of it – darn it.

Couple of possible jobs in the pipeline – not the easiest – one of them being ‘Gazza’ now.  We must have had 20 lookalikes but that was 10 years ago.  Where are you now guys?  And if we find you how do you look.  Troubled I hope? I don’t think so having led and good and happy life you have lost your hair and put on 5 stone.