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Things are still looking up –

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Strangely enough we have had 2 jobs this week for Alice Cooper (Martin Cornish).  How many years since our last job for his character – can’t even remember.  Old Rockers are ‘in’ it seems.  Today he is joined by Mick Jagger (Mark Smallman) aka Mick Jogger for a personal appearance for a drinks company conference.  Hurray a corporate job at last I suppose everybody is still drinking to drown our sorrows if nothing else.


We also had a visit from the delicious Lina Sands – an Angelina Jolie that we had never met before.  Definitely worth meeting with her – absolutely gorgeous, wonderful hair and everything else, take a look on YouTube.  We also had a new Audrey Hepburn come in Sofia Andreas – unusually for ‘Audreys’ she was in ‘Roman Holiday’ mode pedal pushers and pony tail.  She looked good but we explained that clients normally ask for the iconic image of Holly Golightly from ‘Breakfast At Tiffanys’ rather than the younger look and so suggested she went home and work on that look. 


Our Alan Sugar – David Hare has a job tomorrow in Essex for a retail training day – sounds like a good idea.  David – although British – has to travel from near Limoges in France to do his Alan Sugar work.  This time we have managed to persuade him to buy a dark suit – something he thought he would never need again when he retired to France a few years ago.


Love It Magazine has turned up trumps again this week as well and they are interviewing 3 ‘Bad Boys’ lookalikes of course – Colin Farrell, Simon Cowell, Ross Kemp and their partners/wives about their love life in comparison to the real ones.


Heard the rumour that new Big Brother will include Lookalikes this year.  We have not heard anything to date – but watch this space. Does anybody know anything?


Hear from another journalist – this time in Northern Ireland – trying to find an angle on Ben Clarke – currently of The Apprentice previously on our books as Gavin Henson.  Sadly had little to say.  Only ever did one job for us.


Now its Wednesday and I can’t upload this blog as our internet connection is down – Virgin offers no help but a visit from an engineer on Friday. It is now Friday –  connection now back tripping over the cable that has to run from the front door through Ellis’s studio and into my office – but anything, anything is better than no internet.  Maybe 10 years ago it would have been OK but it is now our lifeblood.


Catch up in a Lookalike Agency

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It was the usual slow beginning to last week after a Bank Holiday.  Gave time and effort to organising a reasonably priced Del Boy (Simon Walters) for a private 50th Birthday Party – only to be cancelled by the ‘Birthday Boy’ himself as his wife couldn’t keep the  surprise to herself.


Giles Coren in the Saturday ‘Times’ gave a boost to the whole Lookalikes Industry by applauding Beyonce booking a lookalike of herself to take her place at museum visit in Vienna, while she went shopping.  Giles felt that this should be the way to go for all of us.  No Giles Corens on our books as yet but we are looking if anybody is out there.


Managed to get a job for Dean Taylor who does a whole array of characters on the one night – really good value for money in these hard times.  He is basically an impersonator rather than a Lookalike and his personal appearance includes – Ali G, Austin Powers, Ozzy, Fabio Capello, Vicky Pollard and Bubbles.  This job is for a new pub near Oxford called ‘The White Horse’.  Also tonight The Queen (Mary Reynolds) will be working with Alison Jackson, who will be taking polaroids of her and raising money for a good cause.  Don’t know if the corgis will be there this time.  There was also a mention of using Jeremy Clarkson (Roger Paul) as well but that came to nothing.  He is quite new to us but good – so have high hopes of him.


Quite a bit of time chasing money – Dave Starr of Ultimate Events still not paid since Christmas.  This was compounded when I spoke to a a fellow agent who had taken him to Court in similar circumstances 2 years ago, got judgement but never managed to get the money.  Also still waiting for payment for Whoopi Goldberg for a funeral in Greenwich – don’t ask!  Plus some cancellations from various people who got cold feet in this horrible climate.


Anyway – Simon Newton (Captain Sparrow) is off to Guadaloupe for ‘Orange’ again today (hopefully the swine flu is not going to affect anything).  Nice job came intoday for tomorrow for an Elvis  (IanCoulson) (Ian with Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor of darts fame.  Cheryl Cole seems to be flavour of the month for barmitzvah enquiries  – various new people but we are liking Kayleigh who lives in London but comes from the North East – perfect combination for us.  Still waiting for Prince Harry (Harry Pennels) to take some up-to-date pictures of himself as he feels he doesn’t look like him anymore – I will be the judge of that

Not a good start to the week

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Started Monday morning in quite a positive fashion – the amount of enquiries coming in has definitely picked (quite honestly not difficult after the past 4 months!)  Then…… first thing I see on my screen an email from Ryan Skeggs (great Obama) who had been beaten up over the weekend in Stevenage and was kept in hospital overnight on Saturday and Sunday with 18 stitches in his head.  Not good for him but also not good for me.  As we entered 2009 we had only one definite Contract for a job – and it was to be Ryan’s job to appear on 29th April at Canterbury College for their election day. But –  ‘Oh no he didn’t’.  Cheered up a bit with a last minute doubling job for Neil Davis (our supersonic Lewis Hamilton) and an alternative Barack Obama (Roger Haynes) travelling to Cardiff on Wednesday to do a little bit on Dr. Who.  This was rounded off by , after a few false starts, Ian Beyts (Churchill) finally recording his voice over for a new Churchill documentary.  We are searching for Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze  – used to have them a plenty but quite a while has passed since Ghost.  Where are you all especially Sam Clegg (Demi) from Oldham. Somehow the whole week has disappearsed, its Friday afternoon and with yet another Bank Holiday Monday,  next week looks pretty grim – but lets see what might have turned up by next Friday.  Holidays in general are not good for anybody involved in corporate entertainment but especially in 2009 it would seem.  But I do see a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel – we are a good indicator of any upturns or downturns in the economy.  One final gem of an enquiry was a Maggie Thatcher Lookalike for a Miners Club near Glasgow!  What do you think? Should we risk it?