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Back to Work Monday

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Monday felt different – people were back at work – whether this means that any of the enquiries will come to fruition is another matter.  Quite a varied lot – Rambo for a wedding?  I didn’t ask! Barack Obama for Dr. Who.  Problems with Ryan Skeggs so will it be Roger Haynes or Ivan Hutchinson or nobody?  Beyonce (Rachael White) for this coming Saturday in Croatia as the real one can’t make it (luckily not to perform).  I have my doubts.  But at least the Recession brings us lots of new applicants – possibly the most over the past couple of weeks that I have ever received in my 25 years in the business.  It shows, if nothing else, peoples’ resourcefulness – prepared to investigate every possibility to make a bit of extra cash.  The new people included 6 more Lily Allens.  All to do with the hairstyle – long with a fringe – I would say. Now my colleague Helena is just on the phone explaining that our ‘Mr. Motivator’ is unfortunately not available as he is in prison (we think). Another enquiry bites the dust.


Well thats the School Holidays over!

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elvis-mario-kombou-white-jumpsuitEven before this terrible year of 2009 – I noticed that our work – mainly corporate entertainment  – just never happened during the school holidays including half terms.  So, you can imagine, how the last 2 weeks have been.  Somehow we managed to scrape through and ended up with an ident for Elvis.  Well done Mario Kombou – such a great Elvis who took the lead in ‘Elvis The Musical’ in London.  Apart from that – we had our first Marco Pierre White – Richard Playfoot call in to see us and we really reckon him.  Take a look on YouTube at my bit of film – lets hope there will be a rush to book him.  One of our Michelle Obamas – Dionne Rose – had some nice publicity in the Northern papers which may do us all some good.  The week will be rounded off by Ellis (Scott/son) shooting for Dazed Digital tomorrow.  Poor guy has been out all day searching for a shop in London selling hessian – rather than online where it is in abundance.

Easter Holidays in a Lookalike Agency

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Well its almost Easter – thank goodness – school holidays are never good for Lookalike Agencies and in the present financial climate forget it!  We try to use the time when its quiet to see new lookalikes or update people we haven’t seen for a while – which is what we did.  We saw Tim Haley our new Schwarzenegger again and shot a bit of film of him to add to our collection on YouTube.  The first time he came in he didn’t bring his shades, leather jacket or gun and this character needs  props. Lovely guy, now a teacher living with a Personal Trainer (very handy) but prior to this was a Vicar (a first for us).  Our Archbishop of Canterbury or The Pope are not really ‘men of the cloth’.  On Wednesday we saw a lovely new Gwyneth Paltrow – Alexandra Haestier – not bad at all.  Gwyneth is always one of those tricky characters for us and we have had many on our books over the years but then disappear or change their minds about being a lookalike for some reason.  Alexandra is a dance teacher and brought her partner with her whom I thought looked like a young David Walliams. Am I finally losing it after 25 years in the lookalike business (I was the first to start a Lookalikes Agency in the UK in 1979) and think everybody looks like somebody else – which is most probably true. Off for Easter now, back on Tuesday.

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pamela-anderson-tania1richard-branson-ted-shevlane11vin-diesel-ruben-halse-headschwarzenegger-timothy-haley1A Busy Week amazingly enough – with the G20 and all that – BSkyB booked 3 Action Heroes – Bruce Willis (Dan Novelli) Tim Haley (Arnie) and Simon Newton (Captain Jack Sparrow) for a viral shoot for themselves.  I failed – despite devoting my whole precious weekend to it – to get Vin Diesel (Ruben Halse – on the oilriggs I have since heard) and Andre Groarke the best Stallone we have had in all our years – but as always couldn’t get time off on Monday.  April 1st – normally a really busy day for us – April Fools and all that – this year just one PR job for Cue Creative Holland for Beckham (Paul Mansley) in Amsterdam.  Thank you very much.  Whoopi aka Alicia Aliane (really Tina Turner but our Whoopis are not singers) took part in one of our saddest jobs heading up a Gospel Choir at a funeral for 17 yr. old Drew Wayment.  His Mum, Karin, wanted it to be a happy occasion for all Drew’s friends to remember.  Then last, but not least, we had Pammy (Tania Christiansson) filming with Jo Swash (the real one not the lookalike) here in our studio – what a lovely guy as she is a lovely girl.  Added to all this we had Ted Shevlane in Scotland doubling for Richard Branson himself.