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tollington-park-studio-xmas-071I run Susan Scott lookalikes from a photographic studio in North London.  The studio belongs to my son Ellis Scott – who is an ’emerging’ fashion photographer having finished his degree at LCF in June last year.  He brings a ‘clubby’ Hoxton edge to our lives here in the Agency as well as taking a few quick shots of lookalikes when they visit.  Hopefully these will eventually appear as a magazine article or exhibition.  He also lets out the studio which is an amazing space having once been Stanley (of Livingstone and Stanley) cycling club, a masonic hall and Decca recording studio where Toto, Deep Purple and the Moody Blues recorded and arguably The Beatles – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.


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We seemed to have had a week of the most unlikely requests.  I suppose because my agency Susan Scott Lookalikes has been in existence since 1979, clients reckon we are more likely to cover a wider spectrum of back catalogue celebrity lookalikes than other suppliers.  So – the requests included David Essex (Christopher Nott), Whoopi Goldberg (Ouse) to sing with a Gospel Choir, body double of Jude Law (Paul Smith) face not important just the right measurements, and Lookalikes of Take That – not a tribute band – whom we have not thought about for 10+ years and are struggling to contact.  The list has been endless – Karl Marx (Geoff Loynes) for G20 Summit date and last but not least Princess Diana (Nicky Lilley) for a magazine article (we did have 50 lookalikes of Lady Di and now there is only Nicky – looking great).  Is it in bad taste – I can’t judge anymore – but to date nobody has asked for Jade Goody (Cassie Bryant) which says something I feel, but who knows what might be in the pipeline.  Watch out for Ben Clarke (Gavin Henson Lookalike now retired) on the Apprentice.


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Well after 25 years in the lookalike business we have a new scam to add to our list.  Today we should have sent a Paris Hilton Lookalike – Emma Page – for a fitting at 12 noon.  This job had taken quite a while to set up and it was to be a wardrobe fitting for a photoshoot to launch a new brand of American clothing called Idol.  Our contact was a guy called Brendon Sanders with a company called Brendon Boss.  We sent a contract and invoice for the job about 5 days ago by email to this client.  Since then we have heard nothing.  His phone did not pick up anymore, his website is under construction and he did not reply to any of our emails.  We checked the location address for the fitting today (Atlas Business Park, Cricklewood) and could not find anybody who knew anything about a photoshoot for such a client . At this point yesterday we decided to pull the job.  We waited for 12 o’clock today – but still heard nothing.  Unbelievable – what could be the reason for this other than the whole fantasy – including his instructions  for Emma to bring a strapless bra and black courtshoes – turned him on.

Luckily another shoot that was in question, for a while, did go ahead last Friday for Tatler magazine.  A fashion shoot is

quite special for us as a Lookalikes agency.  They used Kate Middleton Lookalike – Jodie Bredo.  It was Jodie’s first photographic job so the magazine were taking a chance in using her – but luckily decided to go for it at the last minute on Thursday.  We have to wait now as the spread is scheduled for their June issue.

Another week in a Lookalike Agency

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Another week in a Lookalike Agency – and mostly doom and gloom I’m afraid.  Monday brought us the news we had been dreading but were assured would not happen – Phresh Events had gone into liquidation – 2 Christmas personal appearances by Paul Mansley (David Beckham) and Gill Penny (Posh) not paid.  The rest of the people on the job – paid – Susan Scott Lookalikes who politely invoiced and waited for our money – not paid.  I can see politeness will soon be out of the window and is indicative of these depressing, recession times.

On the other hand Alison Jackson did shoot on Sunday for the South Bank Show feature on her, with Mary Jane McCurr (Amy Winehouse) despite leaving it until the very last moment to confirm.  The other good news of the week is that Captain Jack Sparrow aka Simon Newton winged his way to sunny St. Barths today for an ‘Orange’ conference which was sheduled for January but due to a general strike in Guadaloupe had to be postponed until now.  Lucky Simon had a non-refundable ticket provided for January so has already spent a week there on holiday rather than waste a good ticket.

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Well thank you Michael Jackson your  possible or possibly not arrival in the UK for a possible date or possibly numerous dates in the O2 has given us a flurry of Michael Jackson interest resulting in BBC News appearances for Billy Proud, GMTV for Navi and BBC News Website interview for Ronnie Beharry . The guys perform as well as look like Michael and I will attach their pictures so that you can make your own judgement as to whether they have  managed to keep up with Michael over the years. If thats possible. (Navi – gold trousers, Ronnie – military jacket, Billy – beige jacket).  New Benny Hill coming in tomorrow – will report back on how he performs.

Monday 2nd March – a new week

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Well its the first week of March and lets hope life in a Lookalikes Agency looks up. Having been in business since 1979 this is the quietest couple of months I can remember closely followed by the Gulf War! Last week we were grateful for a job for 2 Marilyn Monroes (Pauline and Suzie) at Confex at Earls Court. Sounds good but 2 Lookalikes of the same type do not like working together – the girls being worse than the boys. But on this occasion everybody pulled together and did their best for the sake of the job. I went along to keep the peace – which is not something I usually do but times are hard and we have to deliver the very best we can. Ian Beyts, Winston Churchill, did a day on a documentary – but that was pretty much it. We saw a new Jordan – Sarah – whom I filmed on my Flip and we have put on You Tube this morning. Hasn’t got the main attributes to be a Jordan Lookalike but a nice face. Where we are busy is dealing with the flood of new Lookalikes coming to us – always indicative of hard times – where people are searching for anything to make a few pennies. And you never know – something might come along for them.