At Last – Apologies

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Boo Boo Ellis copy reduced




As always I don’t know where the time has gone but months have gone by since my last effort but what is apparent it will be difficult to write chronologically as there is so much to remember and perhaps its best to grab the snippets of information as they pop up in my brain before they disappear for ever.  So here goes:


‘Bond’ has been the corporate theme of choice since ‘Spectre’ premiered in the UK on 26th October last year.  This continued through the Christmas party season and into the New Year.  Currently the most popular choice Daniel Craig has pushed Sean Connery, finally, into 2nd place and we work with various Daniels (Max, Eddy, David and Steve)  all have had their turn dependent upon the best match of their location and that of the venue.  Venues for Bond nights have included The Roof Gardens Kensington, Chelsea Harbour Hotel, Crewe Hall Cheshire, The Grove Watford and the Grosvenor Cinema Glasgow.  The Daniels were often backed up by ‘Baddies’ with Odd Job and Jaws still coming out top..


Other corporate evenings have included a ‘Geordie’ end of conference night at the Crowne Plaza, Newcastle – starring Ant and Dec – at last a job where we have been able to put our 2 guys together (Ant & Dec always difficult) but now we have a great duo.  They were joined by Alan Shearer, flying the flag for Newcastle its been many years since we have been asked for him, which was at the time of his McDonalds ads.  How long ago was that? Plus Cheryl Cole and Mr. Bean  First time for this theme – nice.


Another ’themed’ job with a difference was for a pharmaceutical company  Boehringer Ingelheim for their their Gala Dinner at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Heathrow after their 3 day conference.  The Dinner theme was Perfect Pairs, but with one of the pair more prominent than the other – so they chose The Queen (Jeanette) and Prince Philip (Mervyn) together with Del Boy (Steve) and Rodney (Darren).  Sounds easy but in fact although Del Boys work all the time very seldom is Rodney required so it took a while to unearth somebody.  This job was made doubly difficult and expensive by 3 of the artistes having to travel to Heathrow from Newcastle, North Yorkshire and Grimsby.  We have also, quite recently, provided a Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone for a dinner at Hixter for the delegates from a recent gaming exhibition at Excel – I have just searched for the connection (apart from the obvious ‘Hollywood label’) and did find on Google that they had possibly been married at one time! I have just checked with Helena and in fact that these two characters are featured on their fruit machines.


We had a nice photographic shoot to promote flu jabs for the over 65’s for Well’s Pharmacy using football managers –  Roy Hodgson, Arsene Wenger, Alex Ferguson and Harry Redknapp – and we can do more – seem to have had quite a few Jurgen Klopps lately but no work as yet, sadly.


Other photo shoots included Andrea as Cheryl Cole for The Sun supposedly snorting coke in the toilets, an article for the Daily Mail about 4 of our Jeremy Corbyns,  while Graham,  maybe the ‘lead’ Corbyn, has done numerous shoots for The Sun and The Daily Mail.  Graham  (Corbyn) also took part in the wonderful Agadoo (Black Lace) relaunch to coincide with Walkers Crisps ad.


Direct Line booked 80ies lookalike – Mick Jagger, Bono and John Lennon to surprise and reward a customer in Nottingham who had her vinyl record collection stolen which was filmed for their website.  (It  should have been David Bowie instead of Bono but sadly it was scheduled for the day after David himself –sadly passed away).


Madonna (Melita) and Michael Jackson (Anthony) were booked by the Worcester Bosch Group to promote their forthcoming Staff party and then as they loved them so much they booked them again for the actual party.  One lucky couple booked three 60ies celebrities for their Hampstead Golden Wedding – Audrey Hepburn, Dusty Springfield and Mick Jagger.  In fact during the months running up to the party they really wanted Harold Wilson – but we no longer have one.  We then tried to turn people into him with the pipe and Gannex raincoat – one contender being Lord Downton, but failed.


More body doubling I’m pleased to say Jude Law for Lexus and Joe Hart for Head & Shoulders.  Our Rita Ora gave a make up lesson on This Morning – how to look as fabulous as the real Rita Ora.  Neil our Hitler appeared in an Indie film shoot at Pinewood – not out yet while our David Dickinson will be appearing in a, still under wraps, hotly awaited,  long anticipated, third in the series – feature film.  Francesca – Katy Perry brought some sparkle to the new intake of pupils disco at a school in South East London while Dr. Who (Matt Smith) made extreme Dr.Who fan Chris’s (who has learning difficulties) 60th birthday by just being there. Chris was presented with a card hand written by the Doctor and then invited him to inspect his Dr. Who themed bedroom.


We are hoping for a great Royal year with the Queen’s 90th Birthday – and the bookings really are flooding in.  On the other hand I am concerned that the forthcoming EU Referendum is going to deter clients in the corporate sector.  Swings and roundabouts as always.  We were very lucky to get a great five page article in the Saturday Telegraph magazine before Christmas – despite being shocked to open on a full page picture of me together with a Cara Delavigne!  Not Fair.

Final update – we have a new member of staff here, he is  a 5 month year old pekingese puppy called BooBoo and is as divine as my previous 5 puppy lookalikes that have spanned my whole life since I was 9 yrs. old.

New Term Begins

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At the end of my last Blog I mentioned we had 4 lookalikes – 2 x Angelinas, Clooney and Leonardo in Dubai working on an Egyptian TV programme which was to be shown during Ramadan. So now it has been shown and I feel at liberty to share it with you as much as I can glean from the internet. We had been involved in the planning of this job from the beginning of 2015 – we understood that it was a sort of gameshow where contestants, including real celebrities ie Paris Hilton whom we knew was to be part of it prior to the job, as well as our Lookalikes are all in a plane where they announce the plane is about to crash and they all believe that it is actually going to happen. We were told this by the client about a week before the lookalikes were leaving for Dubai (4 months from the initial enquiry) when the client asked us to check if the 4 lookalikes would be happy to skydive! Amazingly they all agreed but, in fact, we still don’t know who in the end actually did jump – what we heard was mainly about how horrendous the turbulence was and how everybody threw up! The programme was called ‘Ramez in Control’ and the actual clip has now been removed from the internet as Paris Hilton threatened to sue the Production Company. Don’t know the outcome but our guys thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

So back to life in the UK. We had a nice job from The Sun for the Queen together firstly with Prince Harry visiting Alton Towers as part of a promotional 2 for 1 link up between Merlin and The Sun. This was followed by Her Maj and Phillip at Seaworld in Manchester and then the following day this time, with Prince George, at Legoland Windsor – so a really nice job when for once the pictures appeared and it was only marred by the terrible accident at Alton Towers which happened one week later. Fate!

The Royals have been in demand all this year and the Merlin Promotion was followed by our Queen and Phillip travelling to Berlin to coincide with the actual Royal Visit there in June but our Lookalikes were there on behalf of Airbnb rather than the Nation. Another favourite of the moment (not just the moment but would seem for always) is gorgeous George C who had 2 very nice bookings in Paris for Lipton Tea. With minutes to spare the first trip was cancelled due I am sure to the contentious nature of using as Lookalike of George who is so involved with a/his coffee brand for a tea product! But then the second job went ahead as planned so it must have been the nature of that first job. George also worked with Del Boy and Patsy at Madame Tussauds and where he also went down a storm and almost mobbed by the ladies in the room as per usual. Another London job that came in really quite last minute in the scheme of corporate jobs where there is usually a long lead time – for the 150th Anniversary of the Langham Hilton Hotel using Churchill, Oscar Wilde and Sherlock Holmes i.e. historical characters associated with the Hotel. Nice job.

Quite definitely the second Quarter of 2015 was much improved workwise in comparison to the first quarter – which was pretty dire – I’m not complaining but it does seem to have become the norm since the Recession. No problem as long as the remainder of the year makes up for it.

Another long planned job which was all in place and then gave us a nightmare at the last moment ‘best laid plans etc.’ was a Company ‘FunDay’ for Pepsi at their HQ in Reading using Lookalikes who had advertised their product and they ended up using Michael Jackson, Pink, Britney, Beckham and Beyonce. Last minute panic was that Beyonce thought for some reason that the job was on the Saturday not the Monday and had no childcare for the Monday – so we started ringing around looking for an alternatives on the Friday evening but were failing and so looked at the problem laterally and turned our attention to finding the childcare which turned out to be simpler than another Beyonce. So all was well once again.

We have continued to have plenty of TV jobs or maybe I should say we have had many TV enquiries and some of them have materialised into actual jobs. One being 3 day job for Osama on a BAFTA winnng programme for the BBC ‘This World’. But always a snag – to be overcome – the first Osama we approached had to turn it down as his family were too frightened that it might put his life in danger but luckily, for us, we had an alternative..

There have also been quite a few international booking this quarter as well – one being for the Champions Festival in Berlin (football) who booked a Lionel Messi for 5/6 days who had to pose for pictures with Festival guests in the Stadium setting. Lovely job and thoroughly enjoyed by the artist – 5 days watching football for a boy and being paid for it! What’s not to enjoy. Now I am writing this I realise how many German jobs we have been having another one was really last minute and not run of the mill at all – but a guy in Munich wanted to make a Bettie Paige hologram so needed to fly our BP into Germany for a day for a photoshoot and then from the results he made his hologram. Amazingly it all worked out – done and dusted in 2 days.

We also got involved with two of the competitors in ‘The Pitch to Rich’ competition – both wanting Richard Branson Lookalikes to be involved with their pitch. Neither possible jobs came to fruition and one of the two actually confirmed before cancelling the next day without realising, being new to the business world, involves paying cancellation fees as per our Ts and Cs. But they learnt the hard way and paid up which was fair enough.

Finally to end on a less than positive note – the most aggravating job we have during this period was a photoshoot of 11 Prince George’s for the Daily Mail which has never appeared which meant that 11 sets of parents have been in touch on a regular basis, since the date of Charlottes christening asking when it would appear

Election Over – Bring On The Bookings

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Jeanette as Jeanette4 x politicians Lewis Hamilton - Neil & Lewis Jeanette - Regalia But I suppose we should be grateful for our ‘plum’ job of the Election which was Saatchis EE Viral ‘We’ve Got The Power’, which wasn’t launched like the T-Mobile Wedding Viral sent to all T-Mobile customers but this time firstly on twitter and then Facebook.  It is now on YouTube but we don’t feel it was EE that put it up there!  For us it was enormous struggle to sort the characters and with the final chosen shoot date failing to find an Ed Miliband (Shereef away i.e didn’t want to do it, his prerogative).  Anyway its up there and now I think the demand for Red Ed will have dwindled.  But sadly we had finally found a great Farage after months of searching,  and now the actual man has resigned but I can’t believe that he will disappear any more than Alex Salmond did.

Otherwise over the last 2/3months everything has sort of been on hold – waiting for the end of the Financial Year, waiting for the new Royal baby, waiting for The Election but now everything is upon us so the Game can begin.  But while we were waiting we had all sorts of bits and pieces quite a bit of Body Doubling work but where the actual celebrity was only available for part of the shoot and a lookalike was a necessity for the production companies concerned.  There was Neil doubling for Lewis Hamilton for a Petronas commercial.  Footlocker/Adidas commercial used our Theo Walcott for their shoot.  Tim – Rob Brydon – Tim – who had had the terrible disappointment of missing 2/3 weeks on the P & O shoot a few months ago because his Passport didn’t get back to him in time, was able to do 2 days in Southampton recently – obviously it didn’t make up for a 2 week cruise around the Med. but it was something.   Kristie and Peace respectively doubled for Kate Winslett and Lupita Nyong’o on a high profile but top secret beauty product. While Sarah J doubled for Rita Ora another very last minute weekend job.  But we were able to provide a Kevin Bacon for the EE viral that we shot and he was confirmed to do the job but then they weren’t able to use him (legal reasons presumably) but he was on set as an extra. Plus he wasn’t used for the EE commercial that has just been shot but obviously found somebody cheaper although our Neil is really good.  We were also asked last week for body doubles of a long list of footballers for BT Sport – but they went for the cheaper option of having artists with the same height and measurements. Shame! Sometimes we win sometimes we lose.

Comic Relief brought a few jobs for Jeanette (HM The Queen) one being polishing Ronnie Corbett’s shoes in Addington Palace, which was a treat for her.  They hadn’t told us who the celebrity was going to be so it was a lovely surprise for Jeanette. And the other job she did was for British Airways Flying Start Charity on the day at Heathrow.  It was a really long day for her (87 yrs old) but she is very game and never complains – she obviously takes her lead from Her Majesty who we never see complaining but who knows behind those palace gates.  Around the same time Jeanette attended a reception on board the small cruise ship Megellen at Tilbury where it had been re-launched the day before after a complete makeover (the ship not the Queen) – not quite launching a new ship but the next best thing.  She also appeared on a CBeebies programme for the BBC where Year 6 pupils at a primary school voted between 3 of them to be Head Teacher for a week.  So quite a varied few month for Her Majesty.  There was one more Comic Relief job at The Light in Leeds where they ran a spoof X Factor booking Cheryl (Andrea) and Simon (Andy P).

Other bits and bobs included an appearance on Celebrity Juice for, Tom, Jimmy Carr Lookalike when the ‘real’ Jimmy Carr was also appearing and then they ran a ‘Guess The Lookalike’ Quiz using some of our pictures (with permission from the artists shown)  Then there was John D who played Prince Charles in W1A – only just visible but not cut out.  I just so love that programme and was watching but almost missed him.  Japanese TV NHK came over to interview Nicky Princess Diana!  Can you believe it on two scores – its nearly 20 years since she died so well done Nicky for still being able to carry it off and secondly that they would still want to pursue the subject.  The questions they wanted to discuss were the last few years of Diana’s life and her relationships with Harnat Khan and Dodie Al Fayed as well as her death in 1997.  We then had a visit from this time Fujii TV from Japan again, who were here to cover the story of the new baby and decided to fill in the time (this time security and numbers of media at the Lindo Wing was very regulated and they were given very short time slots) and interview us in the office (at great length!) as well as filming what they could outside the Hospital with Kate (Heidi) and Tom (William).  That was the day before baby Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana put in her first appearance.

Liz Emmett booked Suzie as Marilyn for the Empress Suite at Towcester Race Course for Valentines night.  It was hosted by Linda Nolan who introduced a Dean Martin tribute flown in from Las Vegas and a Kenny Rogers tribute from I don’t know where most probably from here.  Also on that day ‘Kate’ and ‘William’ appeared at the Mermaid Quay shopping centre in Cardiff.

We have recently had a couple of ‘off the wall’ jobs – one being a two week shoot in Dubai which just finished yesterday.  It was a reality TV programme booked by an Egyptian production company for a pair of Angelina Jolies and one Leonardo Dicaprio and one George Clooney, Lina, Elle, Edgar and Parvis.  They have been working in shifts during that time and its all a big secret which will be aired over Ramadan and I will explain the scenario (if we can get it straight by then) once it is aired.  You know those horrendous Japanese game shows that we used to see clips on TV which made no sense – well it sounds that it might be a bit like that.  Anyway the guys involved have enjoyed it and are just flying back home as I write.   The other off the wall job is the  EE ‘You’ve Got The Power’ election viral which has now been up and running since the day before election – this is the link………….. nightmare for us – see if you think it was worth it?  And you know what – Nigel is back in his Party before I finished typing this blog! I knew it.